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1984 – Rove lyrics

May 23, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

Will you negociate with this bastard again?
You know you can leave but that’s a risk you won’t take
All these half measures we’re all trying to keep
You push me away when of them I try to get rid

Roaming alone instead of fading together
Whatever you choose, there’s a weight on your shoulder
I’m a fish in its tank, are you talking to me?
I can’t grasp any words, I can just hear them flee

Being a father, it wouldn’t happen to me
I said to myself, better aids than a baby
I stopped being stupid when my eyes met your eyes
I’ll do everything to drive the doubt inside

Like falling in love with the wrong girl
Being told she loves you so much, but she don’t
Don’t run too long like a hen with the head cut
The world moves on and it breaks you when you don’t

How long you’re gonna rove?


How long you’re gonna rove?

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