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Monthly Archives: November 2016

G Herbo – Tired (feat. Lil Bibby) (Strictly 4 My Fans Album)

[Hook: G Herbo] They say Herbo don’t come around no more, I wonder why Maybe I’m just tired of having the iron everywhere I ride around I got so tired of nickel and diming and seeing my mama crying So sick and tired of niggas that ain’t got nothing, want some of mine No I […]

G Herbo – Havin’ Shit (Strictly 4 My Fans Album)

[Intro] G Herbo…. G HERBO!! [Hook] Niggas know that I been havin’ shit Know that I’ve been havin’ shit Blow a hunnid K, on a habit bitch Waitin’ for a nigga to try some shit Niggas now that I’ve been savage bitch A hunnid shot can in my mattress I been gettin’ hoes, riding foreigns […]

G Herbo – Something (Strictly 4 My Fans Album)

[Intro] 2012 I started getting money, I was like 16 going on 17. 50 in my face (?) touch. That was an important period in my life cause it made me what I am now. I’m just having fun, getting fresh air, (?) up, I spent that shit [Verse] Look I won a race, 100 […]

G Herbo – Eastside Story (Strictly 4 My Fans Album)

[Intro] Ay, G Herbo, this a real Eastside story right here man RIP them niggas, hah [Verse] Used to ride the front of the bus now I’m in the back of the back Nigga this that Maybach, remember way back, I was trapping and strapped This was back when Lil Roc stay with Titi an […]

G Herbo – At The Light (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Verse 1] So much money keep coming, I get it like "what I’ma do with that?" Buy choppas and clips hold a hunnid, now what I’ma do with that? Wonder who I’ma shoot with that Ride through the 8 block and the Rugers clap Call up J.Dot, broad day face shot Hollows make his face […]

G Herbo – Koolin’ (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Intro] I’m just koolin til my tape drop Welcome to Fazoland the mixtape Let’s get it GANGGGG!! [Verse 1] 10 birds in the Louie bag Wrapped up in the glad top Hop straight in the Audi, 9 tucked in the stash box Got thousands everywhere There’s money piling everywhere Why the cops hot on our […]

G Herbo – Fight Or Flight (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Verse 1] My momma used to say, "Never quit, baby that just don’t exist!" And just cause she’ll suck ya dick, don’t mean you could trust the bitch! I’m just giving you the real Cause I don’t come from Hollywood or Beverly Hills I’m from where mothers don’t care and babies get killed Where you […]

G Herbo – 4 Minutes Of Hell (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

Intro(Lets get it! Fazo Land Roc Bloc L’s) [Verse 1] (Lil Herb) I remember growing up tryin get it Gotta eat by any means, for that green I was with it But I had to humble down I learned Money come around now I’m tryin to raid the town So my clips scrape the ground […]

G Herbo – On The Corner (feat. Lil Durk & Kd Young Cocky) (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[DJ Don Cannon] They told me it was rules to this shit But guess what I told them Here go my rules Number 1 make money Number 2 use that money to make more money Number 3, repeat that shit [Hook: KD Young Cocky] x2 I remember that corner Momma told me, please stay off […]

G Herbo – Momma I’m Sorry (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Verse 1] First off, I’m still sorry for the stuff that I did All the lying and back talking shit I did as a kid I was bangin’ when you told me not Hustlin’ when you told me stop And all the stupid shit I did The love you gave me never stopped You always […]

G Herbo – On My Soul (feat. Lil Reese) (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Hook: Lil Herb] On my soul Lost too many of my niggas out here in that field (On my soul) My niggas my niggas one hunnit’ ya’ll niggas ain’t real (On my soul) War time niggas ain’t on non’, my niggas gon’ drill (On my soul) Young nigga all I know is get money give […]

G Herbo – Designer (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Hook] This Gucci, this Louie, these Fendi, these Robin, Givenchy, and Truey fits That Prada, Versace, Bali, and Armani, what am I gon’ do wit it? All these 100’s, these 50’s, these 20’s add up til I count me a million All these 100’s, these 50’s, these 20’s add up til I count me a […]

G Herbo – Another Day (feat. King Louie) (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Intro] GANG! Louie what’chu on bro? [Verse 1: Lil Herb] Another day, another body droppin’ If I go broke then I’mma rob somebody A fragile body can’t survive a shotty Pump a nigga, I’ll slump a nigga And I been shot at by a bunch a niggas But I’ll still never run from a nigga […]

G Herbo – Still Fucked Up (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Intro: Herb speaking] Look… My squad! Do this shit for my momma and my lil’ sister, man… All my niggas man… Everybody I lost… [Verse 1] Let me introduce myself It’s G Herbo, I’m that youngin’ I be flexin’, I love stuntin’ Cause I grinded up from nothin’ I grew up in an apartment Wit’ […]

G Herbo – Love 2 Stunt (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Hook] Just a nigga off the block tryna chase them dollaz You boys broke, I thank the lord I dont face them problems Im at the table, full plate eating steak wit goblins Walk in the shop counting them knots Like "I’ll take the Robins" Herbo just a young nigga Love 2 Stunt nigga I […]

G Herbo – All My Niggaz (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Hook] All my niggas on point All my niggas gon’ shoot All my niggas got money Ain’t none of my niggas with you Ima put all my niggas on RIP all my niggas gone All my niggas 150 Ain’t none of my niggas gon’ fold (RIP all my niggas man Kobe, Vito, Chico, Fazo all […]

G Herbo – Ain’t For None (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Hook] Only thing I fuckin care about is money and me And I swear to god a bitch can’t get no money from me And every nigga thats with me keep a gun Bet not run up on us cuz we ain’t for none We ain’t for none fuck nigga, we ain’t for none over […]

G Herbo – Write Your Name (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Verse 1] To all my fallen squad Write your name across the sky While I flame one to the brain and gon’ get high And regardless of the pain I ain’t gon’ cry Cuz I can never let no fuck nigga see me stuck nigga Hustle hard for them bucks nigga Thats a must nigga […]

G Herbo – All I Got (feat. Lil Bibby) (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Intro] [Hook: Lil Bibby] Goin’ hard for my niggas that’s all I got Man whatever mine is yours that’s all I got And all I know is the hood that’s all I got That’s on everything I love that’s all I got No I don’t play about my mom she all I got Yes I […]

G Herbo – Kill Shit (feat. Lil Bibby) (Bonus Track) (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Intro: Lil Herb & Lil Bibby] Time to let these niggas know what it is in the streets Aye Bibby, let’s kill shit broski. Whatchu wanna do? It’s whatever man, just go on ahead and rip that shit Ima come around and clean that shit up Lets get it [Verse 1: Lil Herb] Know a […]

Nogizaka46 – Ano Kyoushitsu (あの教室)

あれから始めて来たね 何年ぶりにチャイム聞いただろう? 懐かしい校庭は 思ってたより狭く思えた 自転車 二人乗り ぐるぐる走りながら 好きだった人の名を 今になって言い合った 本当は知ってたよと 大声で叫んでいた あの教室を見上げて 地元の商店街で ばったり出会って通学路辿った あの頃は毎日が 楽しいなんて気づかなかった ペダルを漕ぎながら 時間を巻き戻した お互い好きだった 過ぎた日々が切ないね 胸の奥 しまい込んだ ときめきを思い出した あの教室が眩しい もしもなんて考えた 甘酸っぱい風が吹く 自転車の二人乗りも 少しだけキュンとしてる 好きだった人の名を 今になって言い合った 三階の校舎の端 ガラス窓が反射する あの教室はもう帰れない

Jay-Z – Oh My God

Pops sped off, left mom with a bundle of Joy of boys, smack dab in the jungle Took tunnel vision, but he would soon become a mogul but First he brought that crack back like a yo-yo though Don’t play with my yo-yo, loco niggas in the hood First niggas hating on me, its all […]

Krokus – Dirty Dynamite

When I walk that lonely road Feel the loving words she wrote It breaks my heart it’s a crying shame No one else but myself to blame I want my girl yeah I want my love I call my seven angels above Bring me back the one I need This fading taste of bittersweet She’s […]

Stone Temple Pilots – Wicked Garden

Can you feel like a child? Can you see what I want? I wanna run through your wicked garden Heard that’s the place to find ya But I’m alive So alive now I know the darkness blinds you Can you see without eyes? Can you speak without lies? I wanna drink from you naked fountain […]

Pummiharmonia – Troija lyrics

Tää ohjastaa ku hevonen troijaa. Ne jätti meiät oman onnen nojjaan. Eikä nää tiet vie enää muuta ku koomaan, Jengi alistumassa Tukholma-syndroomaan. (2x) Mitä tapahtuu ku rahaa on niin Paljon ettei se kiinnosta enää? Sillon psykopaatin tarpeet herää. Ei tarvi ovelia juonia, Aletaan rahottaan sodankäynnin molempia puolia. Ja taas muka muslimilla kilahti. Herra presidentti, vertaappa […]

Sparklehorse – It’s Not So Hard lyrics

To wake Not swallowed by willows Half eaten by widows A new day’s begun Smile ‘Cos nothing here matters The spiders get fatter Explode into the sun Oh c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon It’s not so hard Oh c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon It’s not so hard It’s not so hard It’s not so hard To trap […]

William Mcdowell – You Are God Alone lyrics

[Verse 1: x2] You’re not a God created by human hands You’re not a God dependent on any mortal man You’re not a God in need of Anything we can give By Your plan, that’s just the way it is [Chorus:] You are God alone, from before time began You were on Your throne, You […]

High School Musical – Can I Have This Dance lyrics

Gabriella: Take my hand, take a breath Pull me close and take one step Keep your eyes locked on mine And let the music be your guide Troy and Gabriella: Won’t you promise me? (Now won’t you promise me?) (That you’ll never forget) We’ll keep dancing (To keep dancing) Wherever we go next It’s like […]

Slade – Thanks For The Memory lyrics

Cuma westas chickadee Have a housemaid on your knee Eat an apple ev’ry day An onion keeps ev’ryone away Have an athlete on your feet Have some lovesmell on your shee Eat an apple ev’ry day The doctor has got to keep away He’ll tell you Thanks for the mem’ry Thanks for it all Wham […]

Rbd – Nuestro Amor lyrics

[Dulce] Es tan magico como todo paso Nuestro amor Nuestro dulce amor [Christopher] Es tan facil que ya nada me sorprende En nuestro amor Este increible amor [Poncho & Maite] Todo fue como en un sueno En nuestro amor todo va sucediendo [All] Y es asi Asi es Y no hay nada que hacerle Y […]