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Monthly Archives: July 2017

No lies – Ugly God feat. Wiz Khalifa lyrics

Come get what you deserve, what’s the word, what’s the catch? I’m at your neck. Aye, what’s the word, what’s the catch? Aye, what’s the word, what’s the catch? I make cake like a easy bake oven Look me face to face, don’t tell no lie Get your s**t together, please don’t throw me to […]

439 in dein hirn – Azad songtexte

Songtexte Azad – 439 in dein hirn 439 in dein Hirn hinein, oh no Für Krieg gegen die Nordi bist du viel zu klein, oh no Wir sind nicht zu f*cken, wir steh’n wie ‘ne Eins, oh no Oh no, oh no, oh nooo. 439 in dein Hirn hinein, oh no Für Krieg gegen die […]

I ll find you – Lecrae feat. Tori Kelly lyrics

Lyrics Lecrae – I ll find you Just fight a little longer my friend It’s all worth it in the end But when you got nobody to turn to Just hold on, and I’ll find you I ll find you I ll find you Just hold on, and I ll find you. The world trying […]

How it go – Anth feat. Conor Maynard lyrics

You ain’t gotta ask, baby you know what I’m on You can bring your friends, but just keep it on the low You do this for thrills, but for me it’s all I know You always wanna come, but you never wanna go. Yeah you know, yeah you know Yeah my friends, they all know […]

Watch Ishawna Sits On A Fan Face Live On Stage

Ishawna’s career has been marred by controversy since the start of the year. A post shared by DancehallHipHop (@dancehallhiphop) on Jul 31, 2017 at 12:45pm PDT Ishawna is living out her equal rights fantasies on stage during her performances, just take a peek at the video clip below. #ishawna #equalrights? In April, she released a […]

Momma We Made It

Please check back once the song has been released. Lyrics to ‘Momma We Made It’ by Mozzy: Lyrics for this song have yet to be released.

Ace Hood – Hustle Hard Remix Lyrics (ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne)

and Marley Cause its the same old sh-t, just a different day Out here tryna get it, each and every way Momma need a house, baby need some shoes For that Carter IV, bitch, it’s coming soon [Ace Hood] Same old sh-t, just a different day out here tryna get it, each and every way […]

Berlin – Sex Me, Talk Me Lyrics

BERLINSex Me, Talk Me Lyrics Oh oh, oh oh oh Oh oh Back against the darkest wall Knowing that it dare not fall The mannequin is real The hair across your empty eye Says, “Careful mystery is mine” Hide and seek if you desire I started with hello By chance are you alone Silence turned […]

Are Shenseea and Tifa Beefing On Instagram ?

She used her Instagram platform to chide the local dancehall industry for what she called bias and buyout. Shortly after putting on a well received performance at this year’s Reggae Sumfest Tifa shared her dissatisfaction. Nuff talented artists nah get them just shine & highlight because of foolishness !!! “There is too much f***ing buy […]

Famous Dex – A Must Lyrics

[Intro: Famous Dex] Dexter Bank roll all in my what? Can I roll some weed up, just pour some drank up or something? Bankroll all in my jeans.. Oh! Yea Ah What! [Hook: Famous Dex] Bankroll all in my jeans Try to rob me, Imma bust I just popped me a bean Gotta bad Bitch […]

The Beatles – The Inner Light Lyrics

[Verse 1] Without going out of my door I can know all things on Earth Without looking out of my window I could know the ways of Heaven [Chorus] The farther one travels The less one knows The less one really knows [Verse 2] Without going out of your door You can know all things […]

Pharrell Williams – Chuck Berry Lyrics

Let me see your energy Let me see your energy Let me see your energy (oh, come on now) Let me see your energy (hey) [Chorus] Do your move, uh Chuck through the wind, uh And do it all again, uh (Ooh) Come on now (Ooh) A-come on now (Ooh) Come on now Do your […]

Julia Michaels – Just Do It Lyrics

And I know you’ve got your reasons [Chorus] So if you’re gonna do it Then, baby, just do it Don’t let me down gently If you’re gonna do it Then, baby, just do it I’ll get over it eventually [Verse 2] You asked me, “How many times do you think were we on and off […]

Cassie – Up In Here Lyrics

(Uh, yea) (Darkchild, hey, hey… lady) [Verse 1] (I know) you’re used to the [?], baby (I know) you’re used to the late nights calls, really (I know) that you’re puttin’ on the charm, baby (I know) think that I’m gon’ take something off (ha) (I know, stop) think you’re gon’ get it well you […]

Range – Bitter Lyrics

Well it keeps on spinning And you drove away So you lied to me Everything you said was a fairytale In this world of wishful thinking You’re the wishing well Well… (I don’t wish you well) [Chorus] I don’t wanna cry now, I don’t wanna miss her I don’t wanna hate her but I can’t […]

Your Favorite Martian – Love The Way You Lie Lyrics

You swore you’d never hit ’em, never do nothin’ to hurt ’em. And I love it, the more I suffer, I suffocate. There won’t be no next time! I can only tell you what it feels like. Yesterday is over, it’s a different day. Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, But that’s all […]

Dayglo Abortions – Sit On My Face And Bleed Lyrics

DAYGLO ABORTIONSSit On My Face And Bleed Lyrics Oh baby, it’s rag time Makes me happy Don’t lick the wound That never heals It’s my sex therapy Come sit on my Face and bleed We’ve discussed this before I know it pleases The f**k out of you When I stick my tongue In your butt […]

Dead Meadow – I’m Gone Lyrics

DEAD MEADOWI’m Gone Lyrics The first task that did appear Across the blackening sky Not only empty, it’s below I walk some more, I cry Don’t break me fragilely, lay still But if you want me to I could be with you now Come the light of dawn I’m movin on But with the rain […]

Dawn Of Tears – Mr. Jarrod Lyrics

DAWN OF TEARSMr. Are you sure that they’re not alive, After all…? Crystallized time through the shades Of further times What does your heart want to feel through the caress of a frozen skin? Jarrod Lyrics Betrayed by the hands of greed my beloved art turns to buried sea They thought that I was consumed […]

Darkthrone – Running For Borders Lyrics

Breathe deeply Lungs filled with waste Running for borders Helpless heart Pumping fuel, veins splintered Thoughts divided Building up chaos Torn from haven Answers never come Floating wisdom Ancient in its purest form Gravitate towards center Visuals fade This is the realm of power Stellar detonations Universe is gloating, hovering Judge, jury and executioner Now […]