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How it go – Anth feat. Conor Maynard lyrics

Lyrics Anth – How it go You ain’t gotta ask, baby you know what I’m on You can bring your friends, but just keep in on the low You do this for thrills, but for me it’s all I know You always wanna come, but you never wanna go.(how it go) Bitches on my mind […]

I ll find you – Lecrae feat. Tori Kelly lyrics

Lyrics Lecrae – I ll find you Just fight a little longer my friend It’s all worth it in the end But when you got nobody to turn to Just hold on, and I’ll find you I ll find you I ll find you Just hold on, and I ll find you. I’m hanging on […]

439 in dein hirn – Azad songtexte

Songtexte Azad – 439 in dein hirn 439 in dein Hirn hinein, oh no Für Krieg gegen die Nordi bist du viel zu klein, oh no Wir sind nicht zu f*cken, wir steh’n wie ‘ne Eins, oh no Oh no, oh no, oh nooo. Ich mach’ das seit Jahr’n und hab’ vieles durchlebt Und hab’ […]

No lies – Ugly God feat. Wiz Khalifa lyrics

Lyrics Ugly God – No lies Keep it real, what you doin’, where ya at Don’t tell me no lies, don’t waste my time how ’bout that? Come get what you deserve, what’s the word, what’s the catch? Aye, what’s the word, what’s the catch? I’m at your neck Keep it real, what you doin’, […]

Cassie – Up In Here Lyrics

(Uh, yea) (Darkchild, hey, hey… lady) [Verse 1] (I know) you’re used to the [?], baby (I know) you’re used to the late nights calls, really (I know) that you’re puttin’ on the charm, baby (I know) think that I’m gon’ take something off (ha) (I know, stop) think you’re gon’ get it well you […]

Julia Michaels – Just Do It Lyrics

[Verse 1] I see it in your eyes That you wanna tell me something And I feel it, see the signs That you wanna tell me something Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Pre-Chorus] And I know it hadn’t been easy But is it cause for us giving it up? And I know you’ve got your reasons […]

Pharrell Williams – Chuck Berry Lyrics

[Intro] See I can tell you need to get away Won’t you stand there and shake your place Look! Let me see your energy Let me see your energy Let me see your energy (oh, come on now) Let me see your energy (hey) [Chorus] Do your move, uh Chuck through the wind, uh And […]

The Beatles – The Inner Light Lyrics

[Verse 1] Without going out of my door I can know all things on Earth Without looking out of my window I could know the ways of Heaven [Chorus] The farther one travels The less one knows The less one really knows [Verse 2] Without going out of your door You can know all things […]

Famous Dex – A Must Lyrics

[Intro: Famous Dex] Dexter Bank roll all in my what? Can I roll some weed up, just pour some drank up or something? Bankroll all in my jeans.. Oh! Yea Ah What! [Hook: Famous Dex] Bankroll all in my jeans Try to rob me, Imma bust I just popped me a bean Gotta bad Bitch […]

Krankes Biz – Crz7 songtexte

Songtexte Cr7z – Krankes biz Sie manipulier’n die Jugend mit einer Form von Mind Control Promodisses, um die Kohle der Kids reinzuhol’n Die geifern mit offenem Mund wie auf Betonspritzen Nach neuem Hass – welcher der Rapper besteigt den Thron? Die Hip-Hop-Medien spring’n direkt auf den gleichen Zug Clickbait, kein’n f*ck geben, scheiß doch auf […]

Do no wrong – Hustle Gang feat. T.I. lyrics

Lyrics Hustle Gang – Do no wrong Do no wrong, do no wrooong, can’t do no wrooong Do no wrong, do no wrooong, do no wrooong, can’t do no wrooong Do no wrong, yeah no matter how you .. it, can’t do no wrooong Do no wrong, do no wrooong, do no wrooong, do no […]

Generatia noua – Edy Talent versuri

Versuri Edy Talent – Generatia noua Poa’ sa ninga, poa’ sa ploua, Suntem generatia noua. Si in ploaie si in soare, Peste tot avem valoare. (x2) Ca un avion in zbor, Deasupra dusmanilor. Suntem sus si ne sta bine, N-avem rau de inaltime. Ca un avion in zbor, Deasupra dusmanilor. Suntem sus si ne sta […]

Bend it – Maleek Berry lyrics

Lyrics Maleek Berry – Bend it Berry pon this You don know I’m back with a new wave DJ turn up the speaker DJ turn up the speaker Gyal dem follow the leader Gyal dem follow the leader. Baby bend it Oh baby beeend it Bring your back out you’re doing a workout ooh-oh beeend […]

Come alive – Costi feat. Alix lyrics

Lyrics Costi – Come alive Your kiss is like ice As it burns in my mind Cuz I did it all just for you.(come alive) How did I never get tired Of the running around Till we ran out of space to grow. I waited every night for you I gave my everything to you […]

36 bars reloaded – Mosh36 songtexte

Songtexte Mosh36 – 36 bars reloaded Ich hab’ für Straßenrap ein Copyright DZ kommt wie der siebte Rocky-Teil Ich will in die Lobby rein, so wie David Rockefeller Wir bunkern hundert Kilo Stoff im Keller Wer von diesen Hobbyrappern macht hier ein’n auf Knochenbrecher? Nightlife im Doppeldecker, Lifestyle wie Boris Becker Guck, ich durchschau’ dich […]

Sleep Machine – Wild For You lyrics

You’re the lion that I’m taming And now I’m not the same We’re swinging in the jungle, baby You’re my Tarzan and I’m your Jane Oho, oho, oho, oho-oh, I’m wild for you Oho, oho, oho, oho-oh, I’m wild for you Wild for you Don’t need no sticks to rub together Skin to skin, we’re […]

Cheech & Chong – Sister Mary Elephant lyrics

Good morning, class Good morning, class Class, good, shut up! Thank you As you know your regular teacher Sister Rosetta Stone is on a small vacation However she does send her love, And these finger paintings and dust cloths she is making I am your substitute teacher, Sister Mary Elephant Class, attention, attention, class, class, […]

Wild Love – California Sunset lyrics

Those sun kissed girls And that look in their eyes They don’t know what they wanna do With their lives So you don’t have to go Get away from here Cause if you have to know I wanna show that there’s more to you than just a Pretty girl, looking for salvation See I don’t […]

Tristyn Leach – Tongue Tied lyrics

Well I heard the other day from a friend of mine That you were lonely for my love but too shy to ask Well if its true, who’s gonna make the first move Well all I wanna do is lay these fears to rest So I can feel love and nothing less But i never […]

Katy Perry – Tsunami lyrics

[Verse 1] Please don’t tip-toe, Come close, let’s flow. Anchor in me, Get lost at sea. The world’s your oyster, And I am the pearl. Open waters, Sink into me slowly. [Chorus] So, baby, come and take a swim with me, Make me ripple ’til I’m wavy. Don’t be scared to dive in deep, And […]

Katy Perry – Miss You More lyrics

[Verse 1] Saw your picture on accident, Your face has changed, The lines are sinking in. I pressed play, I should haven’t, Congratulations, But do you ever wonder what we could have been? But your mind plays tricks with distance, Always makes things feel so unfinished. [Chorus] I miss you more than I loved you, […]

Katy Perry – Into Me You See lyrics

[Verse 1] I built a wall So high no one could reach. A life of locks, I swallowed all the keys. I was petrified, Only knew how to hide, They can’t hurt me, If they don’t know me. A full façade, Made a mirage out of me. [Pre-Chorus] Then you came and started diggin’ for […]

Caezar Zinger – The Ghost Of My Past lyrics

I’ve made mistakes But not as big as you You broke me down, I’m standing up What else could I do? At the moment I wished I was invincible For the things you did I tried everything To be with you But you only pushed me out (You made me your fool) I tried to […]

Magali Clouds – Escape lyrics

[Verse 1] Just wait a second No need to fight Can you explain? Let’s take this one step at a time What did they say now? It’s all a lie How could I’ve been there when I was home that whole night? [Chorus] Don’t tell me that it’s over It’s only just begun Let’s get […]

The Missing Link Us – More lyrics

More Missing Link Us. Words & Music Brent Alan Beck [Chorus] Be there for more. Why cant you be there for more? Be there for more. Why cant you be there for more? [Verse] We need a living, to make a life, To make a family, you won’t leave behind. [Chorus] Be there for more. […]

Spaceschneider Feat. Terence McKenna – Level Hops (Original Mix) lyrics

You can make a novel connection To move then, into a new level of creativity Well, what is this new level of creativity? One thing bothers me (repeated multiple times), The fusion of sound, one thing bothers me One thing bothers, one thing bothers One thing bothers me the fusion of sound (repeated multiple) Holdin’ […]

Joe Eagleman – Where The Wind Goes lyrics

You ask how you’ll know when true love starts And how love enters and binds two hearts. I can only say that no one knows All about how love grows or where the wind goes. You ask how you’ll know if your love will grow To thrill every fiber of your heart and soul I […]

Harbour Sharks – The Killer Inside Me lyrics

[Verse] So suffocate me, the end is near, And finally I’ve given in to all my fears, Along the way I lost some friends, The ones I trust forgave me once I made amends, Well, you think you’re special, So come on then, I’ll turn you inside out, Before you meet your end, I pushed […]

Sua Cara – Major Lazer feat. Anitta y Pabllo Vittar lyrics

Lyrics Major Lazer – Sua cara Você prepara, mas nao dispara Você repara, mas nao encara Se acha o cara, mas nao me para Tá cheio de maldade, mas nao me encara Você já tá querendo e eu também Mas é cheio de história e de porém Virou covarde, tô com vontade Mas você tá […]

Streets love me – Smokepurpp lyrics

Lyrics Smokepurpp – Streets love me Momma told me, boy stay out the streets don’t be your pops Came in with the magic like a pus*y let it pop Momma told me, boy stay out the streets cause you get popped Told my momma I’m sorry, I’m the one who sendin’ shots I can’t leave […]