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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Kodak Black – I N U

[Intro] Aye Goin’ up top catchin’ plays like I’m Victor Cruz nigga And I’m catchin’ picks, I’m catchin’ yours too nigga You ain’t Drew Brees nigga, that’s a flu flicker [Verse] My nigga still be stealin’ cars, he love that stuff nigga He done brought me a brand new car, I told him "Nigga get […]

Little Dragon – Peace Of Mind (feat. Faith Evans & Raphael Saadiq)

[Verse 1: Yukimi Nagano] Cloudless, no rain, showers surround So busy for the one I found Weightless, [?] I’m bound for you [Pre-Chorus 1: Yukimi Nagano Rushing won’t get us anywhere [?] So stressed, well I just wanna let you know That stressin’ upside down We don’t need that now [Chorus 1: Yukimi Nagano & […]

Lorde – Green Light (In The Live Lounge) (Live)

[Verse 1] I do my makeup in somebody else’s car We order different drinks at the same bars I know about what you did and I wanna scream the truth She thinks you love the beach, you’re such a damn liar [Refrain] Those great whites, they have big teeth Hope they bite you Thought you […]

Lorde – In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins Cover) (In The Live Lounge) (Live)

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord Well if you told me you were drowning, I would not lend a hand I’ve seen your face […]

Lute – Morning Shift

[Intro] [Verse 1: Lute] Fruity Pebbles in the morning with his daughter, she a star Reminiscing on the days when her mama had his heart Ain’t no time to dwell, it’s like the people grow apart Spend all your time and thought then it’s back to where you start I can’t comprehend what I cannot […]

smokepurpp – Fingers Blue (feat. Travis Scott)

[Intro: Smokepurpp] Till my fingers blue I like countin’ hunnids till my fingers blue Lil purpp [Hook: Smokepurpp] I just fucked this bitch inside a Bentley coupe Hopped up in the Wraith got stars up on the roof I like selling mid because I smoke the boof I be countin’ hunnids till my fingers blue […]

Alan Jackson – Remember When

Remember when I was young and so were you And time stood still and love was all we knew You were the first, so was I We made love and then you cried Remember when Remember when we vowed the vows and walked the walk Gave our hearts, made the start, it was hard We […]

NF – Real

Yeah, real music (Yeah) Yo, ya just get in that, you get in that head space, ya know Somebody get the body bags, working with beats and Put the MC’s in ‘em, season ’em, put ’em on a beat with me, then I’m eating ‘em Get away from the table, you rappers ain’t hungry enough, […]

TAHITI – Lovesick (Sub Español, Hangul, Roma)

nan Artist silkeot neol yeonjuhaejulge Play boy eotteoke jom honnaejulkka Bad boy dalmyeon samkigo sseumyeon nae baetgo ni motdoen jeseucheo boil deut mal deut (aetaeul geoya) gidarin mankeum (aega talgeoya) Boys so confused Woo ijeneun boyeojul ttaega dwaesseo hwakkeunhage ni nune kkochyeo Woo jogeumssik dalkomhage nimameul humchyeo Woo Love sick niga meonjeo saranghandago na eobseumyeon […]

So soll es bleiben – Stereoact songtexte

Songtexte Stereoact – So soll es bleiben Ich warte schon so lange Auf den einen Moment Ich bin auf der Suche Nach hundert Prozent Wann ist es endlich richtig? Wann macht es einen Sinn? Ich werde es erst wissen Wenn ich angekommen bin.(so soll es bleiben) Ich will sagen So soll es sein, so kann […]

My imagination – Majid Jordan lyrics

Lyrics Majid Jordan – My imagination My imagination, yeahhh My imagination is taking me places It’s a celebration but I been here mistaking someone for you See I fear no one But love is something I can’t do with you, baby, with you. You remind me of a pretty girl, baby You remind me of […]

I N U – Kodak Black lyrics

Lyrics Kodak Black – I N U My nigga steal be stealing cars he love that stuff nigga He then bought me a brand new car told that nigga get me a rental Like how the hell I’mma tell him chill that sh*t aint cool nigga Cause I used to do it with him my […]

Jealousy – Disciples lyrics

Lyrics Disciples – Jealousy I see her getting dressed Put on her freakum dress Painting on them red lips Tease them with that lipstick She gon’ turn some heads Wearing my favorite shoes Them bang bang Jimmy Choo’s And I can feel the pressure, chemical reaction in me.(jealousy) I got this jealousy It’s taken over […]

What you want – Jay Sean feat. Davido lyrics

Lyrics Jay Sean – What you want Talk to me real romancing looking eyes girl you killin’ with a fashion.(what you want) People stay and after a while its a feel the same hello and goodbye is the game we play But I just wont play by those rules. Baby Im not lost Ima keep […]

Black rose – Azizi Gibson lyrics

Lyrics Azizi Gibson – Black rose Black black roses in my garden Black black roses in my garden Black black rose in my garden Black black rooo.. Black black rooo.. Tell me what’s a man to do When he faces you one time Should I put all my trust in you? When we only f**k […]

Everybody hurts – The Him feat. Ivy Adara lyrics

Lyrics The Him – Everybody hurts I know I can be a mess and I make you too stressed out You made me feel tired when I like to lay my head down You like it soft when I’m always so loud But at the end of the day we’re still hooked on the same […]

Broly – Rohff paroles

Paroles Rohff – Broly Broly ! R.O.H.2.F C’est le bordel, j’mets l’game en jarretelles Des labels jouent les cartels Que font leurs go devant mon hotel, hors d’elles ? Je n’pine que top models Grille pas mes DMs comme Ayew La street m’est fidèle, toi bander sur voyous J’te mets de côté comme un string […]

Does it feel like falling – Alex Aiono lyrics

Lyrics Alex Aiono – Does it feel like falling I got stars in my eyes And a sea in the dark Just a word to the wise Don’t go tripping over your heart ‘Cause it feels so fast When you’re going down All you see is a flash Like a boxer in the first round […]

Brand new eyes – Bea Miller lyrics

Lyrics Bea Miller – Brand new eyes When I’m looking at myself I see a thousand perspectives of me Everyone is letting me show A side of myself I can’t see.(brand new eyes) I’m wide awake now, I’m free of the doubt Don’t wanna look down And if I fall out, I lay on the […]

6/10 – Dodie lyrics

Lyrics Dodie – 6/10 I feel like a six out of ten I’ve gotta get up early tomorrow again What goes on behind the words? Is there pity for the plain girl? Can you see the panic inside? I’m making you uneasy aren’t I?(6/10) What goes on behind the words? Is there pity for the […]

Neue welt – Sido songtexte

Songtexte Sido – Neue welt Nehm’n wir an diese Welt, diese Welt wäre fair, diese Welt wär’ gerecht Nehm’n wir an, Rap wär’ mehr als Gelaber, wär’ mehr als Geschäft Nehm’n wir an, dass es dich nicht mehr gäb’, nehm’n wir an, du wärst weg Das wär’ ‘ne schöne neue Welt, es wär’ ‘ne schöne […]

Bumbum balanca – Mc Bin Laden letra

Letra Mc Bin Laden – Bumbum balanca Ei, tu pediu Um beat pra dançar Joga pra cá Joga pra lá Faz a bunda requebrar Marquinha de biquini Aponta pra amiga e chama.(bumbum balanca) Bumbum balança Balança pra banca Bumbum balança Balança pra bancaaa. Mc Bin Laden letras Video balanca

PRETTYMUCH – Teacher lyrics

Yo, it’s PRETTYMUCH Comin’ through, comin’ from you live, you know I’m just tryna figure out what you can be Cause uh…AYE! Chrous: (PRETTYMUCH) You could be my teacher, (where they at) You could be my boss, (where they at) Ohhh, you could be my lover, (where they at) You could be my car, (where […]

AVRIL LAVIGNE – Wings Clipped lyrics

All your lovers, no, they’re not your friends Learn the hard way fast That every time you give someone your trust They throw it back, they throw it back Another Sunday working on the ground, signal breaking down ‘Cause every time you said they loved you Left and took it back, took it back [Pre-Chorus: […]

PARTYNEXTDOOR – Damage lyrics

You’re the only one that makes me wait all the time Oh, yeah, you blow my mind Boom, boom, you blow my mind You’re the only one that gets under my skin You’re doin’ damage That nobody’s ever did, oh [Verse 1: PARTYNEXTDOOR] Do I gotta chase you every summer? Do I have to replace […]

Young Thug – Been Gettin Racks Lyrics

[Hook: Young Thug] I’mma fly to L.A, I been getting the racks Tired of cashing that money Fuck her front and the back I don’t ever talk smack Pussy you ain’t takin’ jack I don’t like cats I like jags I drink drank by the keg I don’t want head if it’s stankin Suck that […]

James Blunt – Don’t Give Me Those Eyes

Staring at you naked Hotel room in Vegas I love you but I hate it And we can’t tell anyone Take this love and break it I don’t think I can take it Go back to him and fake it Don’t tell him what you’ve done But when we’re caught in this feeling And I […]

Jasmine Thompson – Words

Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah I know you know That I know that you know What we’re both thinking I know you know That I know that you know What our bodies are reading And at this point it’s kinda undeniable And at this point it’s kinda untryable I can read your mind, it’s incredible […]

Zoey Dollaz – Post & Delete (feat. Chris Brown)

Intro: Zoey Dollaz] Woah Woah, lit [Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown] I’ve been drinking so much champagne (wow) See me swerving in the Wraith (yeah) She act like I’m her chauffeur (yeah) She want a standing ovation (yeah) Yeah, tryna be part of that wave (wave) Commas as if we conversate (conversate) Tryna throw it in my […]

Vic Mensa – Rollin’ Like A Stoner

[Verse 1] Rollin’ like a stoner, I don’t care about everything Out of control, I forgot to take my medicine If I take this pill, will that be the death of me? I am a disaster, I don’t need a recipe Tried to be sober, that didn’t work for me I don’t know your name, […]