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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Ne-Yo – Push Back (feat. Bebe Rexha & Stefflon Don)

[Intro: Stefflon Don] Say mi whine up the ting ’til it pile up Big bumper, girl, just a whine and it wile up Dem a squad, me never stop ’til it pile up Mind enough so it might… [Verse 1: Ne-Yo] You dance like just like you mean it, yeah Dance like you’re on fire […]

Rich The Kid – End Of Discussion (feat. Lil Wayne)

[Chorus: Rich The Kid] Huh, end of discussion (what) I went from nothing to something (something) I want them real deal hunnids (yuh) Ooh, she a blondie, look like Kehlani (Kehlani) Pussy tsunami (tsunami) Ain’t talkin’, no money, it’s nothing (it’s nothing) End of discussion (huh, yuh) End of discussion (discussion) I went from nothing […]

IDK – Lil Arrogant (feat. Joey Badass & Russ)

[Verse 1: IDK] This is what you all been waitin’ for ain’t it? What people paid paper for dammit This that goin’ to the gun range with the click-clack-pow aiming That boy from PG, but D.C. still claim him And I ain’t gotta act like I’m from there, I’m real Some rappers magicians, they trick […]

Ty Dolla $ign – Pineapple (feat. Gucci Mane & Quavo)

[Intro: Gucci Mane] CashMoneyAP Hitmaka! It’s Gucci! [Verse 1: Gucci Mane] Yellow diamond ring on my fist like a pineapple Shaped like a coke bottle, so I threw a dime on it Shine on her, grind on her, I might wine and dine her Buy the bitch designer, I’m major, they minor Ty Dolla $ign, […]

Malu – Aprendiz (La Noche De Cadena 100) (Live)

Tus besos saben tan amargos Cuando te ensucias los labios Con mentiras otra vez Dices que te estoy haciendo daño Que con el paso de los años Me estoy haciendo mas cruel Nunca crei que te veria Remendando mis heridas Con jirones de tu piel De ti aprendio mi corazon De ti aprendio mi corazon […]

Malu – Invisible (La Noche De Cadena 100) (Live)

[Verso 1] Demasiado fuego Demasiada agua Brilla más el miedo Con las luces apagadas [Verso 2] Demasiado ego Muerden las miradas Y me estoy rompiendo Porque pesan toneladas [Pre-Estribillo] Quiero el poder De desaparecer [Estribillo] Y ponerme un disfraz hecho de luz Camuflaje total blanco y azul Aprender a volar, ser invisible Ser invisible Ser […]

Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song

[Verse 1] Waiting on a Sunday afternoon For what I’ve read between the lines Your lies Feeling like a hand in rusted shame So do you laugh or does it cry Reply? [Chorus] Leaving on a Southern train Only yesterday you lied Promises of what I seemed to be Only watched the time go by […]

The Black Crowes – Hard To Handle

Baby, here I am I’m the man on the scene I can give you what you want But you gotta come home with me I have got some good old lovin’ And I got some more in store When I get to throwin’ it on you You gotta come back for more Boys are things […]

L7 – Pretend That We’re Dead

What’s up with what’s going down In every city, in every town Cramping styles is the plan They’ve got us in the palm of every hand When we pretend that we’re dead When we pretend that we’re dead They can’t hear a word we’ve said When we pretend that we’re dead Turn the tables with […]

Shakespears Sister – I Don’t Care

Walking through the rooms in my head I came across your image, You looked at me with that sweet smile and said Something they won’t let me repeat We hurt the ones we love the most Its a subtle form of compilment I don’t care if you talk about me I don’t care if you […]

Foo Fighters – Times Like These

I am a one way motorway I’m the one that drives away Then follows you back home I am a street light shining I’m a wild light blinding bright Burning off alone It’s times like these you learn to live again It’s times like these you give and give again It’s times like these you […]

Janne Da Arc – Shining Ray

どこに向かって走れば もっと 素敵な明日に逢える? 舵を取って 胸にしまった 奇跡の地図を広げた 空を目指して 夢を探して 道に迷った時もある 夢じゃなくて 君と出会って 素敵な自分を見つけた 小さな勇気から 大きな物手にした "願い"を今こそ"誓い"に変えて Shining ray! Find your brand new way. 未来の物語を描こう 新しい風にすべての思い乗せて 今、 Shining ray! Find your brand new way. a never ending journey to be together. どこまでも追いかけてShining ray 色んな景色 胸に刻んで 遠くにまで来たけれど 今になって あの答えだけ まだ 見つけられなくて 遠回りでいいから "生きる"意味覚えたい この光が心照らす限り Shining ray! Find your […]


相変わらずあの頃に話した 夢を僕は追い続けてるよ もう今年から忙しくなるよな? でも変わらずこの場所はあるから So everybody ever be buddies Days we grew up are days we will treasure show Everybody show is beginning Curtain has risen Make your own storyline Dream as if you will live forever And live as if you’ll die today ふざけ合い たわいもない くだらない話をしては 泣き笑い なぐさめ合い so 終わらない歌 今歌うよ Dream as if […]

Alice Nine – Mirror Ball lyrics

Taezu kuri kaeshite hide and seek Hikari to yami no kousa ga Kimi to boku no kyoukaisen Senhiki futari wo hedateta Nijinda eye liner kuroi namida wo otosu Hitomi ni utsuru hikari Sora wa tsuzuku stairway Tsuki no hikari wa kokoro wo somete Kono yubi wa hodokete Eien sae mo iro aseru nara Kono toki […]

ON/OFF – Two Heart Beats And A Red Sin lyrics

Shaking in red, in red, in red To the edge of the dream’s dream Already, every time when I’m stifled to death after I give up again and again My emotions that have no place to go wake me up Your unblemished smile knows it’s an existence So distant that it’s cruel Even though the […]

D’espairsRay – Tainted World (english) lyrics

Controlling everything, the ridiculing hypocrites Brandish their drowning lust Feigning tears of deception, their sins are piling up “Is not it a mistake?” Everyone devoted to greed, blood dirtied, that’s destiny… Are you hunting for this world? Living without cease, stealing even hope away The reality of a blindfold deceives Beautiful things are not needed, […]

Miguel – LA Confidential (Demo) Lyrics

[Verse 1] My girl might leave me if she hears about this LA confidential, LA confidential I hope she never has to hear about this LA confidential, no [Chorus] ‘Cause you know I got somebody So I can’t fuck with just anybody But sometimes I get lonely, I get lonely So let me keep it […]

Midland – Fourteen Gears Lyrics

[Verse] Darlin’ I still hear your name Through the windshield wipers and the drivin’ rain I’ll be ‘cross the rocky mountains in the mornin’ And it’s one too many lonely nights When the highway comes to be the way of life Seems like about the time I’m gettin’ near I’m goin’ [Chorus] Hear that Peterbilt […]

HONNE – Sometimes Lyrics

Sometimes I’m stupid Sometimes I’m fucking up work Sometimes I’m the worst person I only know how to hurt, yeah Sometimes I’m scared of loving you I don’t know just what you’re worth But that don’t mean I can’t learn Cuz I can I can’t learn, cuz I can Turn off the light, she said […]

Phora – Holding On Lyrics

[Pre-Chorus] Holding on doesn’t feel the same Nothing seems to cover up the pain Baby I’ve been trying but you [?] the same Baby, baby [Chorus] Baby I’ve been trying, nothing seems to cover up the pain I’ve been trying, holding on, holding on Baby I’ve been trying, nothing seems to cover up the pain […]

HONNE – Day 1 Lyrics

[Chorus] You’ll always be my Day 1 Day zero when I was no one I’m nothing by myself, you and no one else Thankful you’re my Day 1 Thankful you’re my [Verse 1] I got lucky finding you I won big the day I came across you ‘Cause when you’re with me, I don’t feel […]

RuPaul – Sexy Drag Queen Lyrics

[Verse 1] You know my name, everybody came to see me Up in the club, lip syncing for da money My momma said I would go real far She said that I would be a superstar [Pre-Chorus] Oh oh oh na ni na na na na Daddy see, look at me, I’m a drag queen […]

Curren$y – Right Here Lyrics

[Intro: Curren$y] [?] you can’t control If bitches wanna be here, they’ll be right here If bitches wanna be here, they’ll be right here [Verse 1: Curren$y] We only came for the money, them hoes came with it [?] A nigga like me ain’t tripping, I was focused on digits You ain’t heard from me […]

DJ ESCO – Walk Thru Lyrics

[Intro: Future & Nas] City, yeah, yeah DJ EscoMoeCity DJ ESCO, OG Esco, Future ‘Bout to walk through [Pre-Chorus: Future] I was standin’ in the field, had to get a hot mil’ Used to post up on the hill, this was before I made a mil’ I got 5 for 30, come and shop with […]

Snakehips – For the F^_^k Of It Lyrics

[Intro: Jeremih & Aminé] Yeah, yeah, yeah Oh, yeah Oh, yeah [Verse 1: Jeremih] I just bought myself a brand new whip today I just rode a couple L’s like Cool J Got a text from your girl, I’m like “Who is this?” All my niggas carry hammer ’cause I’m too legit Pouring all the […]

Snow Patrol – Don’t Give In

[Chorus] Don’t give in Don’t you dare quit so easy Give all that you got on the soul Don’t say that you want it forever I know, I know [Verse 1] It’s in your blood And it’s in your making So don’t hold your tongue ‘Cause it’s, it’s no longer working Don’t fall on your […]

Jesse McCartney – Better With You

[Verse 1] I know it’s ugly turning on the news There’s people fighting over point of view Sometimes it’s like there’s nothing left to lose And I don’t know what to do But I know it’s better with you [Chorus] I was a wreck when you came along When there was nothing left You showed […]

Rich Homie Quan – 34

[Intro] 30, you a fool for this one [Chorus] Herschel Walker, used to ride that MARTA, yeah, that thirty-four Pants saggin’, bankroll in my pocket and that thirty close Church in session, talk shit like the pastor, catch the holy ghost Trap is bunkin’ and we makin’ money, see that open door We been gettin’ […]

WSTRN – Love Struck (feat. Tiwa Savage & Mr Eazi)

[Intro] Zaga dat In my zone yeah yeah yeah Tiwa Sa Vage [Hook – Mr Eazi] She dey go down like economy She dey go down like economy Mummy, daddy, which kind voodoo wey she do me [Verse One – Haile] Oh why, that you apply fire Chargie my rider I let you admire She’s […]

George Ezra – Saviour (feat. First Aid Kit) (Lyric Video)

[Verse 1] Being your own saviour, saviour Is it saving you? Rocks and gravel build a road That’s alright But you’re on your own [Pre-Chorus] Take me back to that midnight moon Cradle me At that midnight moon [Chorus] All of me is all for you And what I’ve got to give is not enough […]