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King Princess – Homegirl Lyrics

[Verse 1] Well they said, when you walk in the room, like they’re looking at Heaven Oh you know that those boys will do [?] Let them [Pre-Chorus] But I don’t wanna be like them, with you But you still look at me like him [Chorus] You taste like danger but I feel so safe […]

Eminem – Fall Lyrics

[Intro: Eminem & Justin Vernon] You know, everybody’s been tellin’ me what they think about me for the last few months It’s too loud Maybe it’s time I tell ’em what I think about them Can’t hear it coming down the hallway stairs from the parking lot It’s too loud Freeze my crown all up […]

Carrie Underwood – Love Wins Lyrics

[Verse 1] A stray bullet and a momma cries Her baby won’t be coming home tonight Sirens screaming down the avenue Just another story on the evening news, oh, whoa Politics and prejudice How the hell it’d ever come to this? When everybody’s gotta pick a side It don’t matter if you’re wrong or right, […]

Eminem – Normal Lyrics

[Intro] Yo, how do I keep (Man, I don’t know what’s up with these hoes, man) Getting in relationships like this? (I’m just sayin’) Maybe it says something about me (Yeah, yup) Should I look in the mirror? [Chorus] I just want you to be normal Why can’t you bitches be normal? Always gotta be […]

Eminem – Kamikaze Lyrics

[Intro] Okay, how do I say this? (fack, fack, fack) Last year didn’t work out so well for me (fack, fack, fack) (fack last year) 2018, welp (fack, fack) [Verse 1] Yeah, I’m a fuckin’ kamikaze crashin’ into everything You beat me, Islamic Nazi, that means there is no such thing I’ve been goin’ for […]

Eminem – Venom (Music From the Motion Picture) Lyrics

[Intro] I got a song filled with shit for the strong-willed When the world gives you a raw deal Set you off till you scream, “Piss off! Screw you!” When it talks to you like you don’t belong Or tells you you’re in the wrong field When’s something’s in your mitochondrial ‘Cause it latched on […]

Eminem – Greatest Lyrics

[Intro] Motherfuckers talkin’ crazy (yeah) Sayin’ I should quit (yeah) I fuckin’ tell ’em make me (bitch) Eat a fuckin’ dick (yeah) I’m feelin’ like the greatest (woo) Wanna be whoever did it Mike Will the one who made it It’s Shady on the lyrics [Verse 1] I’m somewhat outlandish they say You say we’re […]

Eminem – Good Guy Lyrics

[Verse: Eminem] Here we go again from heroes to villains Used to be your Romeo, but we both were jilted A couple of times, so we had a slippery slope to deal with But still it gave me hope that we’ll get Through it together, a severed earlobe Mailed to you in an E-N-V-E-lope would […]

Eminem – Not Alike Lyrics

[Intro] Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up! Yeah [Pre-Chorus: Eminem] Brain dead, eye drops Pain meds, cyclops They bed, iPod Maybach, my bach Trainwrecks, sidewalks Pay less, high-tops K-Fed, iHop Playtex, ice spots [Chorus: Eminem] That’s how much we have in common (yeah!) That’s how much we have in common (whoa!) Up on this mic, […]

Eminem – Stepping Stone Lyrics

[Verse 1] It’s 2002, everything was totally new We were globally huge, watchin’ sales go through the roof We wrote and we viewed it, Runyon Avenue soldiers included A multitude of homies who would bounce for no good excuse We were so bulletproof—wrote, souped and soaked in our youth Thought we was runnin’ shit ’til […]

Eminem – The Ringer Lyrics

[Intro] *Plane crashing* Yeah, yo, I’m just gonna write down My first thoughts, see where this takes me ’Cause I feel like I wanna punch the world in the fuckin’ face right now Yeah! [Verse] Let me explain just how to make greatness Straight out the gate, I’m ’bout to break you down Ain’t no […]

Eminem – Nice Guy Lyrics

[Chorus: Jessie Reyez] You’re such a nice guy, a nice guy You’re faithful, you don’t lie After the club, you go back home, right? Right? Sike [Post-Chorus: Jessie Reyez] Suck my dick, you fuckin’ suck, man Suck my dick, you fuckin’ suck, man I hope that your heart get hit by a semi-truck Suck my […]

SahBabii – Sunny Days Lyrics

[Chorus: SahBabii] Sunny days, outside Let’s take a ride, ride your bike Old lady, lookin’ crazy Talkin’ ’bout babies, we havin’ babies Come see me baby, come meet me, baby Pull up on me, baby, wanna have my babies Old lady, lookin’ crazy Talkin’ ’bout babies, we havin’ babies [Verse 1: SahBabii] Smokin’ cigarettes, blunts, […]

SahBabii – Boyfriend Lyrics

[Intro] I wanna be your (baby) I wanna be your (baby) I wanna be your (baby) I wanna be your (baby) I wanna be your (baby) I wanna be your (baby) I wanna be your (baby) I wanna be your [Chorus: SahBabii] I wanna be your boyfriend I wanna be your boyfriend (yeah) I wanna […]

Walt Disney Records – Celebration Finale Lyrics

[TIMON, spoken] Come on, gang! Let’s take it home! (sung) [ENSEMBLE] Hakuna matata Hakuna matata Hakuna matata Hakuna matata [TIMON] It means no worries For the rest of your days It’s our problem-free philosophy Hakuna matata [FEMALE SINGERS] Can you feel it? Can you feel the love tonight? [FEMALE SINGER] Can you feel the love […]

2Pac – Why U Turn On Me (Original) Lyrics

[Intro] Ahaha niggas love turning this shit ol’ switcheroo-ass, bitch made motherfuckers, just be friends Outlaw nigga, Westside, throw it up, get it up (never thought it would come through) Hahaha.. used to had love for ’em, why you turnin’ on me? Why me? Yeah nigga westside, how you do it boy? [Verse 1] I […]

The Black Eyed Peas – CONSTANT Part 1 & 2 Lyrics

[Intro:] On and on, on and on, on and on On and on, on and on, on and on On and on, on and on, on and on, on and on Yup [Chorus:] It goes on and on and on All around the clock 3-6-5 til’ a new year drop To the, tick-tock […]

Tee Grizzley – No Rap Cap Lyrics

[Intro: Tee Grizzly] If there ain’t no bag involved, If there ain’t no bag involved PnB to the D, Grizzly gang, ride with us DJ on the beat with some bangers! [Verse 1: Tee Grizzly] I’m not gon’ talk to you for long if there ain’t no bag involved I don’t indulge with the [?], […]

Sam Cooke – You Were Made for Me Lyrics

[Intro] (Made for me) (You were made for me) [Verse 1] A fish was made to swim in the ocean A boat was made to sail on the sea As sure as there are stars above I know, I know you were made for me You were made for me [Verse 2] A grape was […]

Yung Bans – No Names Lyrics

[Intro] [?] Danny, I see you [Chorus: Yung Bans & Killy] Ayy, kickin’ back it’ been a long day I ain’t beefin’ with no, no names I been stayin’ in my own lane Saw the strips up like a crochet Yeah Bitch, I’m the shit and I know it Bitch, I’m the shit and I […]

Logic – YSIV Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah [Verse] They say they want the old Logic The one that flow like a faucet I’m still the same me They just don’t believe it like they agnostic If I spit over the boom bap they perceive it as nostalgic But the truth is my subject matter is still the […]

Charli XCX – Round and Round Lyrics

[Chorus] Boy, you got me freaking out You got me spinning round tonight Round, and round, and round, round Boy, it’s like a rodeo We’re on a rollercoaster ride Round, and round, and round, round [Verse 1] Blew up like dynamite Second you caught my eye You’re replaying On my mind, on my mind 24/7 […]

Lil Wayne – Bye Bae Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Wayne] Mic Check [Hook: Lil Wayne] Chickens in the trunk, I’m on the highway Music playin’, phone on vibrate Hoody followin’ me, that’s my big dog Just in case some shit kick off, I got my big dog Wifey callin’ me, I answer, “Hi bae” I said, “I’m joogin right now,” she said, […]

Mick Jenkins – What Am I To Do Lyrics

[Intro] Well I sbet ya Well I bet ya Well I bet ya Well I bet… [Verse 1] Ali’s jabbin’ them shit feel like hooks The less you got stuffed in your pocket books The more these policies just sound like crooks They give me sloppy looks They gave us nothing, had to hustle same […]

Troye Sivan – Running Shoes Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’ll keep wearing these running shoes ’til I’m all worn out And they’re no use to me No use to me Gunning for a peace from this abuse ‘Cause I’m all tired out and I’m no use to you No use to you [Pre-Chorus] And there’s no rest for the wicked So I’m […]

Destiny’s Child – You And Me Lyrics

Baby I’ma find a way Try hard each day To get with you And boy, you know That you think of me There are possibilities For you and me I thought that I’m just ‘best friend’ But now we’ve changed And it’s obvious, oh And you know this, oh You know I want you, sweet […]

Walt Disney Records – It’s a Small World Lyrics

It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears It’s a world of hopes and a world of fears There’s so much that we share That it’s time we’re aware It’s a small world after all It’s a small world after all It’s a small world after all It’s a small world after all It’s […]

YBN Nahmir – Why You Bullshittin (LEAKED) Lyrics

To the neck so you know we hit him Lately, a nigga calmed down a lot Free lil grim i remember postin on the block Dont sip lean but a nigga sip lemonade Dont need a gun ill box cause a nigga fade Beat a nigga ass really take a nigga chain Bounce out lil […]

Usher – Climax lyrics

[Usher] Going nowhere fast We’ve reached the climax We’re together, now we’re undone Won’t commit so we choose to Run away, do we separate? Don’t wanna give in So we both gave up Can’t take it back It’s too late we’ve reached the climax, climax I’ve fallen somehow, feet off the ground Love is the […]

Dove Cameron – Born Ready Lyrics

Ready, set Time to be a fighter Don’t look down Keep on climbing higher Be yourself, ’cause heroes shine in different ways And when your voice can’t make a sound Just know we hear you all around Don’t need to fit into the crowd To be a force of nature We’re gonna be, we’re gonna […]