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Teyana Taylor – We Got Love (Remix) Lyrics

[Chorus: Kanye West, Teyana Taylor & The Younghearts] We got love, love, love You better believe it (Love, love) Said we got love, love, love You better believe it (Love, love) [Verse 1: Teyana Taylor & Kanye West] I got house and a carriage, yeah I got Black love and marriage, yeah They gon’ say […]

Kendrick Lamar – Gang Member Lyrics

[Verse 1] When I jumped off the porch, I was forced into last resorts of a temper gone short And, of course, when that took it’s course, I was hoarse from yelling out Demons that fought inside of me taught society how to rejoice The killers on sight of me, privacy obviously was lost And […]

Kendrick Lamar – Heroin Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar] It was I witnessing poverty Burning bullets allowing these walls breaking Devour these laws trying to empower me I thought I knew the reason you grew to love sour [?] Smoking like locomotive your focus was hourly And then you caught me your pity party [?] me Shower me with the […]

Lil Wayne – Dark Side of the Moon Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne] As I wipe the stars off the windows on my space ship Call out the spirits in my basement Crawl out the center of the snake pit And fall into the middle of her greatness Fireballs reflect off the frames of the pictures She’s not at all impressed with the flames […]

Lil Wayne – Perfect Strangers Lyrics

[Chorus] I don’t know who you are anymore Talking to the man in her mirror That been fuckin’ with these bitches And it’s dangerous Sleepin’ with these strangers Every night a different woman doing the same shit But, you don’t even call anymore And you don’t even care So who am I to love anyone […]

Kodaline – Lifeline Lyrics

[Verse 1] 2 AM just back from main street Got a call from a friend of mine He was crying on the phone like crazy Says he was only calling me to say goodbye To the world and the life around me It hurts like hell I know But brother I won’t let you down […]

Kodaline – Brooklyn Lyrics

[Verse 1] I woke up miles away from home In a cheap hotel I was on my own Across the bridge I could see the lights of Brooklyn The traffic on those New York streets The yellow taxi’s underneath The shadows of the ever growing skylines [Chorus] I’m a hundred thousand miles away From Grafton […]

SOB X RBE – Times Get Hard Lyrics

[Chorus: Yhung T.O.] I know times get hard, I gotta keep it on Hope I make it far, I know times get hard [Verse 1: Yhung T.O.] My momma told me gotta keep that pole on me ‘Case a nigga try to up that score on me I just hope my down bitch never fold […]

Jess Glynne – 123 Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’d give you all my money If love was the currency If my back was up against it I’d swear on my property I know you ain’t the one to gamble I betchu you’re gonna win Lay all your cards on the table Let me know if you’re out or in [Pre-Chorus] If […]

Lil Wayne – Don’t Cry Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Wayne] C5 [Chorus: XXXTENTACION] Don’t cry, don’t go Won’t lie, I fuckin’ love you Woah! [Verse 1: Lil Wayne] Staring into the clouds Am I rising or they comin’ down? I see death around the corner And the U-turn sign’s lookin’ like a smile What do I do now? Who gon’ find me, […]

Lil Wayne – Dedicate Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz] If it wasn’t for Wayne, it wouldn’t be You tatted your face Bugatti, new boo You screamed suu whoop Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah You bought a Bugatti, so you can flex Most of the bad bitches your ex [Verse 1: Lil Wayne] Tattoos, suu whoop, Bugatti, new boo New […]

Lil Wayne – Let It Fly Lyrics

[Chorus: Travis Scott] Fly (fly, fly, fly, fly) Let it fly (let it fly, let it fly, let it fly) Let it fly like the birds in the sky Hotter than the weather in July I done did so much I can’t decide Word, word to my guys She just get so wet, I slip […]

Giggs – Smacked With The Butt Of The Gun Lyrics

[Intro: Fix Dot’M] Uh, we’re gonna steam roll ‘em on this one, real talk Jheez, Fix, wow, What you don’t know my name? Fix Dot’M [Verse 1: Fix Dot’M] Ah, I can take your pain way Like Sylar remove your headtop, take your brain away Fuck a rainy day, cuz I blatantly rave I was […]

Vinnie Paz – Hashem on a Pentagram Lyrics

[Intro: Sample] In a music field you got people who really are into the occult and into Satan. And then you got some who probably playing games, but no matter how you cut it – they’re propagating Satan, they’re propagating the demonic line, the occultic world and I think it’s a devastating thing on our […]

Rak-Su – I Want You To Freak Lyrics

[Intro] I want you to freak me through the night until the morn’ And it’s the way your body boom booms through the night Boom boom, I want you to freak [Verse 1] You steal my attention with one look in my direction Obsession, you got me I can’t quit, you’re my addiction Keep doing […]

Kevin Gates – I Got U Lyrics

[Chorus: Kevin Gates] Do you feel This here In your ear Dick up here In your ribs On the real From the real In the mirror I’m him Don’t trip I got you I got you I got me Just get you Selfish, it’s not true I’mma show you how I can do Throw it […]

Kevin Gates – Shoulda Lyrics

[Intro: Kevin Gates] Nigga I think I’m talkin bout a bitch I bought a bitch from Gestapo Looking out for the Vagos I bought a crib in Morocco Go Griz! [Chorus] You shoulda just let me have you I could’ve made you so happy But I don’t do second chances Everything man what happened? Forever […]

Kevin Gates – Find You Again Lyrics

[Intro] Aye, you could be so used to somethin’ man You know everyday you grow, everyday you changin’ And I never tried to change on you but it’s just like I had to do it by myself for so long [?] For you to come back into my life it just don’t feel right like […]

Lil Wayne – What About Me Lyrics

[Intro] If you saw me, would you understand? That I can’t stand you with another man I see you happy where your life is at I see you smile I can’t live with that [Hook] Cause what about me (yeah) I stayed up all night for you Girl, girl, what about me? I shut down […]

Lil Wayne – Dope Niggaz Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne] Uh, I thank the lord I’m not a broke nigga, I’m dope, nigga Change my name I ain’t like average Joe niggas Up above of my above average, hoe nigga Tight frame with a tight camera, toe nigga I got killers on the front line, you on the sideline Follow the […]

Lil Wayne – Hittas Lyrics

[Intro: Pete Ross & Lil Wayne] Is it true you performed with Willie Nelson at the Country Music Awards? I don’t know, but I know I did perform at this bad ass bitch birthday party recently. She’s crazy stupid thick Mack in here Pooh in here Scoob in here with me [Verse 1] Tell them […]

Lil Wayne – Problems Lyrics

[Intro] Zaytoven [Chorus] If lovin’ me is wrong, I don’t wanna be right, then bitch you hatin’ I’m never wrong, one time thought I was wrong and I was only mistaken I live all alone, no house telephone, talk to you later I’m never home, one time I thought I was home and it was […]

Lil Wayne – Dope New Gospel Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Wayne] Man in the mirror my hero He helped me send in my ego And I think I’m bad like Michael He bring me back down to Tito Man in the mirror my hero He helped me see like an eagle He helped me hear all my enemies cry wolf Then he saw […]

Lil Wayne – Uproar Lyrics

[Intro: Swizz Beatz] Y’all know his name Ayo Mac, let the beat drop Ladies and gentlemen, C5 (ow), Wayne time (ow) Yeah, yeah, yeah Zone, zone, zone, zone, zone Let me see your shoulders work I mean, I don’t know what y’all came here to do, but uhh If you ain’t a lighter, what the […]

Lil Wayne – Can’t Be Broken Lyrics

[Chorus] You cannot break down what can’t be broken Out of all the wrinkles, I was chosen When all of the lights, they get low And all of the curtains they close You cannot break down what can’t be broken [Verse 1] They can do all they can do but they can’t break unbreakable They […]

Lil Wayne – Used 2 Lyrics

[Chorus: Lil Wayne] I used to smoke to get high now I smoke to get vibes I used to tote the semis, I still tote the semi I used to walk a thin line, now I’m walking jet high I used to fuck and get tired, now I fuck her ten times She used to […]

Lauv – There’s No Way Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lauv] You touch me and it’s almost like we knew That there will be history between us two We knew someday that we would have regrets But we just ignored them the night we met We just dance backwards into each other Trying to keep our feelings secretly covered You touch me and […]

Chief Keef – Shorty (Remix) Lyrics

[Hook] They my shorties, they my shorties They my shorties, they my shorties I get my shorties 40’s They come throught blowin’ blowin’ blowin’ They ain’t missin’ They come through scorin’ scorin’ scorin’ They my shorties, they my shorties These niggas shorties, these niggas shorties I get my shorties 40’s They come throught blowin’ blowin’ […]

Jeremy Zucker – desire Lyrics

[Intro] Why do you cry with your hair tied up and my t-shirt on? I guess I’ll be gone when the lease is up Where did we go wrong? [Pre-Chorus] But damn, you look good when your tears dry up I hate to be the one to make your fears fire up I’ll be outside […]

Jeremy Zucker – firefly Lyrics

[Verse 1] Pull me closer You’re my supernova In the dark, we’ve been frozen By the end, cut me open, open Just let me go, it’s not that difficult Be gentle, girl, I’m not invincible It’s obvious you’re not the sober type But still you drink like you can’t feel nothing else You won’t get […]