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Anne-Marie – Perfect 2 Me Lyrics

[Pre-Chorus] Don’t feel like putting makeup on my cheeks Do what I wanna Love every single part of my body Top to the bottom I’m not a supermodel from a magazine I’m okay with not being perfect [Chorus] ‘Cause that’s perfect to me (ooh, woah, ooh) ‘Cause that’s perfect to me (ooh, woah, ooh) ‘Cause […]

PRETTYMUCH – Denim on Patrol Lyrics

[Intro] And when you’re doing what you’re doing [?] It’s awesome Talk to me [Verse 1: Brandon, Austin] Walk in the club, late night You hit me up, facetime She asked me where you at, at, at (where you at) I said “Meet me in the back, back, back” [Verse 2: Edwin] I know that […]

Charlotte Cardin – Double Shifts Lyrics

[Verse 1] I said I’d make it, I’m in the making But I’ve been working double shifts while you’ve been playing And I wanna say how much I like you But I’m convinced I convinced myself not to Been working double shifts, what’ve you been up to? [Pre-Chorus] So tell me how To tell you […]

John Legend – Where Did My Baby Go? Lyrics

[Hook] Where did my baby go? I wonder where she ran off to I miss my baby so I’m calling but I can’t get through Please tell that girl if you meet her That someone’s longing to see her Where did my baby go? I wish that she would get back soon (get back soon) […]

Hillsong Worship – One Thing (Saviour King album) Lyrics

[Verse 1] One thing I desire One thing I seek To gaze upon Your beauty And Your Majesty God of my salvation Lifter of my head Teach me how to live oh Lord And Your righteousness [Pre-Chorus] So I pray to You So I pray to You [Chorus] Lord, Your name Is higher than the […]

Mac Miller – Save Me Lyrics

Still can’t seem to figure out What happens in my head The thought alone is gonna kill me Sick of living with this doubt The pistol in my hand I can end it all before the morning The summertime always go come around I’ll be waiting for another smile, yeah Let my feet off the […]

Ariana Grande – The Wizard And I Lyrics

When I meet the Wizard Once I prove my worth And when I meet the Wizard What I’ve waited for since- since birth! And with all his Wizard wisdom By my looks, he won’t be blinded Do you think the Wizard is dumb? Or, like Munchkins, so small-minded? No! He’ll say to me, “I see […]

G Herbo – All In Lyrics

[Verse] Remember I was gang banging Earning my lil stripes and got my name ranging Rap got me getting money now my name ringing Heard my cousin say that he gone let that fame change him Yeah you right I might go buy 2 just to change ranges Might run it up and think about […]

Lil Xan – Worst Day Ever Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Xan & $teve Cannon] Yeah And it’s the worst day ever (Yeah) Yeah And it’s the worst day ever (Ay) [Verse 1: Lil Xan] I overheard a convo, yeah (Woo, woo, woo) Sounded like you liked him (Yeah) I ain’t mad that she cool girl (Brrt, brrt, brrt) I’ve been fucking bitches since […]

Lady Leshurr – 3AM In Brum Lyrics

[Intro] Yo, me no rap around this year ya know Look [Verse 1] Here comes the “Big baddie” (woo) Big bars, big talent, you’re invalid Big bank, big balance, got a big batty (woo, woo) Flows hot, it’s in Cali and it’s static (yeah) I don’t need a Big Daddy (haha) Man, it’s 20-L-teen and […]

Nicki Minaj – Dip Remix lyrics

[Intro: Nicki Minaj, Tyga, & D.A. Doman] Young Money! I know you wanna do it for the gram, right?* D.A. got that dope Yeah, hah [Verse 1: Tyga] First things first, I fuck, get all the money Bitches love me, keep it hunnid Bitches like you, ’cause you funny, niggas ain’t stunners I’m the one […]

M.I.A. – Reload Lyrics

Ok Reload ????? Ok Reload Like Scarface, Al Pacino [Verse 1] You got some nerve talking shit about me When you ain’t that phat tho (??) Yeah yeah be the time Now it’s time I’m coming off my parole ??? the time with Bently, the gold, the yoga, Prada, Louis V ??? ????? ????? ????? […]

JT Machinima – Ride or Die Lyrics

Let me ask one question, where the cash at? I’m rolling with the bad cats, in the blackhats I’m basically a beast of burden, baggin’ fat stacks Empty out your bank account and then we’ll wrap fast I never had any problem resolved with words Rather whip out a revolver first Tell every woman to […]

Joji – COME THRU Lyrics

[Chorus] Won’t you come through? Water on me We gon’ walk right through And I’m swimming like Nemo No caller ID, no You don’t really like me, no And I don’t really like people But you’re better by default [Verse] No, red rocks so bright (So bright) You can open your eyes Hell all rise […]

Sara Bareilles – Armor Lyrics

[Verse 1] Let it begin, let Adam in Step one: original sin Underneath the leaves, Adam found Eve Both of them found something sweet under the apple tree Then it was over, roads divide Step two: learning how to lie Let me ask a question to present day: How the hell did Eve end up […]

Jon Bellion – JT Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jon Bellion & Travis Mendes] A song a day for six years seems like light years away from today (Hey, hey, hey, hey) Too many coincidences and instances of God’s hand, it’s insane (Hey, hey, hey, hey) I thought my way to greatness I could claim this, but he gave me the brain […]

MadeinTYO – Retro 88 Lyrics

[Intro] K. Swisha [Chorus] 1988, retro hypebeast (Uh-huh) Bitch I’m high as fuck, man I can’t even roll my weed (Skrt skrt) Never gave a fuck, CDG my Nikes (Sauce) Big ass blunt, can you roll my Backwood please (Gat, gat, gat) 1988, retro hypebeast (Uh-huh) Bitch I’m high as fuck, man I can’t even […]

MadeinTYO – Moshi Moshi Lyrics

[Intro] Ooh, yuh! [Verse 1] Baby I’m feelin’ jood, tryna bite up on your leg Air force mansion, house like a mansion Typewriter, you a biter, twerk it when you dancin’ Baby my little winter hair lock All my shit is deadstock All my feelings dead, stop Got a plug, it should be, yeah, for […]

Black Eyed Peas – Wings lyrics

When I saw you in my dream You wore the crown, you were my king I hope you know you are my everything (everything, everything) You are the wind under my wings I’m in the clouds, you take me high (high, high, high, high, high) You make me float, you make me fly (fly, fly, […]

Cameron Dallas – Why Haven’t I Met You lyrics

I gotta be honest, I gotta be honest Hearts been walked on, so I’m cautious I gotta stay cautious When I start falling, I just stop Baby, I stop it Cause I know it’s not you And I’ve waited for you But then my bed grows colder like my empty shoulder What can I do? […]

LSD – Thunderclouds (Lost Frequencies Remix)

All I need is one One old man is enough Babe, you got it wrong Please turn your fears into trust, to trust Where’d the love go When all is said and done Hey now I got your hands in the air I’mma go through your stuff Where’d the love go You put the running […]

5 Seconds of Summer – Killer Queen Lyrics

[Intro] She’s a Killer Queen Gunpowder, gelatine Dynamite with a laser beam [Verse 1] She keeps Moët et Chandon In her pretty cabinet ‘Let them eat cake,’ she says Just like Marie Antoinette A built-in remedy For Khrushchev and Kennedy At anytime an invitation You can’t decline Caviar and cigarettes Well versed in etiquette Extraordinarily […]

Joji – NO FUN Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, all my friends no fun Yeah, all my friends no fun [Verse 1] Fuck my friends, they’re gone They all left one by one And now that summer’s done They don’t need no more fun Yeah, I drive around on my own I’m rich, but my A/C broke Don’t check no mail, no […]

Gwen Stefani – Secret Santa Lyrics

Don’t need a guest list No names inside a hat Forget the presents No minimums, no max Tonight I’m thinking we Should do this differently Let’s light a fire To fight the winter cold Red wine and cider You know where this will go Kristopher Kringle’s got nothing On you and me Let’s play Secret […]

Gwen Stefani – Cheer for the Elves Lyrics

They’ve got good hearts With a burning desire To work hard They don’t even get tired Never try to get a taste of the spotlight No, they only wanna make Santa shine bright In the workshop Making cookies and candy With Mrs Claus While Santa’s sippin’ brandy And they don’t even mind that it’s so […]

Kiiara – 1% Lyrics

[Intro] La la la lala la la La la lala la la, la la La la la lala la la La la lala la la La la la lala la la La la lala la la, la la La la la lala la la La la lala la la [Verse 1] Gimme that one time […]

Kiiara – I Don’t Wanna Be Friends Lyrics

[Chorus] I don’t wanna be friends I wanna spend my love and I wanna waste all my time with ya Is that cool with ya? But I don’t wanna be friends I want the highs and lows Everywhere that you go I’mma come with ya Is that cool with ya? [Verse 1] I don’t wanna […]

Kiiara – How Can You Love Me Lyrics

[Verse 1] Heard you own a new car and a big home (big home) Owning everything but your mistakes For what, for what, for what? Showing off your art and all your new gold (new gold) Acting like Usain Bolt So what, so what, so what? [Pre-Chorus] Baby, tell me where your friends now? Baby, […]

Lil Wayne – Got Em Lyrics

Chef prepared dinner eating ass nigga World renowned clit and feet and ass kisser You best beware me you cheating ass nigga Cos when she leave your ass I send a limo, not a cab nigga It’s Carter Luther King she free at last nigga I’m who she with when you can’t reach her ass […]

Lil Wayne – Little Girl Eyes Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Wayne & Reginae] This be recording- Is this gonna be on the radio? Yup, whatever you want it to be- Let’s just start talking, say what you wanna say What’s your name? Reginae Don’t talk to me say what you wanna say to the mic Reginae Tell them what they need to know […]