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Labrinth – Where the Wild Things Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] We live that Vegas life With a face like Krugger and Jason We made some friends that night There was rum, red wine, there was Jameson’s Taking no prisoners, right Yeah, we own the sky like spaceships [Pre-Chorus] We float on air So high off the ground We float on air Hey, don’t you […]

Quando Rondo – Just Keep Going Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Me equals you I ain’t worried bout it You could do what you do [Verse] I say, [?] holds brain problems They prolly will be coz am not a trending topic Money full dose so who woulda I call on She only ride for the dollar in your pocket [Bridge] A thousand dollars, swear to […]

​FKA twigs – sad day Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Every time you look outside your window Everything is just the same as before You are turning round and round You see, it’s a sad day for sure [Pre-Chorus] Taste the fruit of me Make love to all you see [Chorus] Ahhh ahhh ahhh Would you make a, make a, […]

​FKA twigs – daybed Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Silent are my heart strings Icy is my body heat, yeah Lonely is my hoping Empty is my sweet thing Aching is my laughter Busy is my pastime Telling is my silence Blurring my horizon Tired of my resistance Smothered is my distance, yeah Careful are my footsteps Possessive is […]

B.o.B – Pennywise Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Let that baller [?], genocide They say they fly, keep that pesticide That 357 what I rest beside Blow a little smoke, keep the rest aside A O every day put the rest of the vowels aside Pop a couple beans, look, that’s [?] Besides, I don’t fuck with other sides Is they grass […]

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie – Babygirl Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie] It’s JoeFromYO Go Grizz You said if I, if I write you, you would reply Don’t want to give you goodbyes [Verse 1: Lil Uzi Vert] Yeah, if I write, woah, if I write If I write you girl, will you reply? Follow my commands, come on girl comply You […]

Pop Smoke – Okay Okay Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Pop Smoke & French Montana] Axle You know what it is When you here that, ha (It’s how you niggas cap, it’s how you niggas cap) Trap House Loud Niggas runnin’ their jewels, runnin’ their jewels (Okay, okay) This is [?] From the Brooklyn Bridge [Chorus: Pop Smoke & French Montana] Look, my bitch go […]

21 Savage – Lettuce Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1: 21 Savage] Young nigga got the streets on lock Young nigga got a 30 on his Glock I’m a addict at chasing paper, can’t stop Put your arm inside the bowl until it lock Drop my nuts and let’em hang, nigga I’m gang Two revolvers on my waist, John Wayne Fucking this ratchet bitch […]

Tame Impala – It Might Be Time Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Something doesn’t feel right That’s enough for one night Hope ya get a warm ride[?] There I go, blame it on the weather [Pre-Chorus] Hey, there’s nothing wrong I’m only tired of all these voices Always saying nothing lasts forever [Chorus] It might be time to face it It ain’t as fun as it […]

Kanye West – God Is Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] God is My light in darkness, oh God, God is He, He is my all and all (And I’ll never turn back) God is [Verse] Everything that I felt, praise the Lord Worship Christ with the best of your portions I know I won’t forget all He’s done He’s the strength in this race that […]

Matt Redman – The Same Jesus Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Whoa, whoa [Verse 1] This Jesus Who carried our shame This Jesus Who rose from the grave The same Jesus We worship today, we worship today [Verse 2] He came to us In grace and in truth He’s still with us And still on the move The same Jesus He is making us new, He […]

Rex Orange County – It Gets Better Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Looking back, I guess that ignorance was a breeze I thought I knew everything but I was naive Didn’t understand until the age of 18 Yeah, even then I was blind 2012, I remember being in need True, 2015, you were fallin’ for me You sent through a love letter for me to read […]

Cigarettes After Sex – Touch Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Oh, I missed you and I cried But I said that I was alright And I know it’s been a while Since I needed a distraction [Pre-Chorus] ’Cause I wanna do everything That you want me to, to tell you the truth I need to stay alive So sad that I could die [Chorus] […]

Rex Orange County – It’s Not the Same Anymore Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] I’ll keep the pictures saved in a safe place Wow, I look so weird here My face has changed now It’s a big shame So many feelings, struggling to leave my mouth And it’s not that rare for me to let myself down In a big way But I had enough time and I […]

Coldplay – Orphans Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] I want to know when I can go Back and get drunk with my friends Boom boom ka, buba de ka Boom boom ka, buba de ka Boom boom ka, buba de ka [Verse 1] Rosaleem of the Damascene Yes, she had eyes like the moon Would have been on the silver screen But for […]

King Princess – You Destroyed My Heart Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Heard you saw my tricks I know I gave you superstar And from the barricade I’ve heard you move your hips But you should probably learn your place ‘Cause this isn’t it, baby [Chorus] You destroyed my heart Now I want somebody good ‘Cause you lost the part Now I want somebody good [Verse […]

K. Michelle – The Rain Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Ladies & Gentlemen (Fizzle, Cory Mo) Introducing K. Michelle [Verse 1] Tonight I’m feeling sexy I can make you overdose, make it over-flow, if you let me Like a river, my waterfalls’ll breakdown a levee You gone get soaked, so bring a raincoat When we finish you gone see a rainbow (Oh) Come swim in […]

Gallant – Paper Tulips Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Mrs. human You’re not grieving You’re just making fun of me Twelve years in tow, a carnal blindfold I stuck to my guns ‘Til you told me [Pre-Chorus] I dig the grave you lay in You called my bluff, I’m shaken [Chorus] Paper tulips on your eyelids You say you don’t wanna do this […]

King Princess – Tough on Myself Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Nobody told me To sit down and shut up And take this shit slowly I’m so bad with attention So my good intentions Get bad when you hold me [Chorus] I get too tough on myself Sitting alone, making fun of myself [Verse 2] You want that young love Like […]

King Princess – Trust Nobody Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] I don’t ever trust nobody No, I don’t ever trust, but I trust you Ain’t that great? And I’m still dumb when no one’s watching I bet you’re cool when no one’s watching you I guess it’s fate [Chorus] And she said, “Meet me at the party” But I don’t […]

Coldplay – Arabesque Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] [Verse 1: Chris Martin] I could be you, you could be me Two raindrops in the same sea You could be me, I could be you Two angles of the same view And we share the same blood [Interlude] [Verse 2: Stromae, Will Champion] Comme deux gouttes d’eau On se ressemble Comme provenant de la […]

King Princess – If You Think It’s Love Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] If this is love I want my money back ‘Cause I could use the check To spend it on a better heart To wear upon my sleeve And it might take a sec My world’s become a mess I’m second-guessing all the things I used to wanna be [Chorus] So […]

Tessa Violet – Bored Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] (One, two, three) [Verse 1] It’s 4 AM again You think that I could sense a trend I’m stayin’ up too late just so I can stay awake I wish I weren’t so self-obsessed (Oh-oh) Wish that I could be the best (Oh-oh, oh) Excited with my words, but I’m nervous […]

Skizzy Mars – Leave Me Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: Skizzy Mars] Think I lost my mind when I first met you After what we did it’s hard to forget you Fallen for you way too easy How’d you turn around leave me? Think I lost my mind when I first met you After what we did it’s hard to forget you Fallen for you […]

Why Don’t We – Mad At You Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Daniel Seavey] Yeah [Verse 1: Jonah Marais] Sitting on the stairs You’re standing by the front door I don’t even remember what we were fighting for Tryin’ to cut the tension But you blow it with your sentence And I just wanna end it every time [Pre-Chorus: Corbyn Besson] You just take me to the […]

Luke Bryan – What She Wants Tonight Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] She walks up, velvet rope unhooks She snaps her fingers and a drink comes She locks you down with just one look She’s got this whole club undone [Verse 2] If she’s on the rebound, you ain’t gonna know it Coming off a heartbreak, she ain’t gonna show it She’s eyes caught, red dot, […]

Logic – OCD Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: Dwn2Earth] In the field ballin’ with the team (With the team) Oh, yeah In the field ballin’ with the team OCD ’cause I’m ridin’ so clean Old school whips, seein’ new things Rollin’ up, got a few flamed New Prada shoes, no shoestrings Closet full of kicks like Liu Kang We was just dreamers Smokin’ […]

Tinashe – Die A Little Bit Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Tinashe] Wooooooah [Verse 1: Tinashe] Sometimes I can’t, but I’ve been told I need to breathe This life ain’t something for someone like you and me We just get caught up in the things that we don’t need Plenty time wasted, what are we waitin’ for? Searching for something in someone without a soul Running […]

Rex Orange County – Face to Face Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] I grew up, you grew down, we found out Everything matters now (Everything) We grew up while you let yourself down I want out [Verse 1] She calmed me down that night I freaked out We stayed up, I threw up in that house She woke up face-to-face from the bed Two in the en-suite, […]

The Beatles – I Call Your Name Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] I call your name but you’re not there Was I to blame for being unfair Oh I can’t sleep at night Since you’ve been gone I never weep at night I can’t go on [Bridge] Don’t you know I can’t take it I don’t know who can I’m not going […]