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Mt. Joy – Us Lyrics

June 30, 2020 by Posted in: Lyrics

Love for heaven, love for satan, neither’s worth the conversation
When everyone is just swinging in the dark
When every river’s over run I’ll swim across my parents lawn
And wonder how we argue till we’re gone
So sing for me that golden key, the one that would remind me
Of deeply falling for you
A smile is worth a kingdom come when love is but a siren song
It hit me like a brick and then it’s gone
So sing to me sweetly, don’t apologize for what you had to do
A 35 a photograph, it’s grainy but I see your laugh
In that ancient summer sunburn where our love was born
And everything was perfect but you were staring at the surface
And I always got the feeling you’d start digging
Love for heaven, love for satan, neither’s worth a conversation
I just hope you get where you belong in the siren song