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Acidente Rock Band – Disco Queen 1977 lyrics

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Nineteen sevety-seven
You could have been
But you were not there

Watching the time goes by
The first generation who always knew
They wouldn’t change the world

But I don’t belong
Neither my generation, we just don’t like it
It’s got to be rock and roll
If you wanna dance with me / Rock and roll or let me go

– It was for this that you called me?
– I don’t belong!
– Let me go!
– Listen to what the girl says.
– Yeah, but can we cross it over?
– I guess we can.
– And how should it be?.
– Well, tempo may keep the same, but the beat,, It should change completely…
– That’s easy, my friend.

– And strings and brasses got to be switched to guitars and keyboards. After all, it’s all synthesyers and pedals…

– Harder. Powerful. Bends, long solos.
– C’mon. Let’s try this crossover.

Hard rock
Now I can Be
And we’re still here too / Save a dance to me

– How I wish I should
But time won’t wait for me

Future Queen 2077
– How I wish I should
But time won’t wait for me
– Believe in science!..
– Believe in overlife!
– Believe in you!

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