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Aminé – Hungry Hippo (Remix) Lyrics

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Let’s just
Let’s ju-
Let’s just do this and quit acting like
We ain’t got life
Let’s just do this
It’s the remix baby (let’s just do this)

She likes my diamonds and my pearls
I said “thanks my girl designed it”
Amine might just steal your girl
If you call me Trey Songz I don’t mind it
Trying, west side n***a I am
Liking, the way that you move
The way that you move
It’s the way that you move

I’m on south beach
Tryna leave
High as hell need vacancy
Got a flight that I gotta catch
So sober up for security
You know TSA don’t play
These rappers get the pj
But they don’t make pj weight
It’s sad cause it’s so fake
My nigga why you
Fucking your commas up?
Spending a grand on lunch
You gonna be broke with that kinda stuff
You ain’t even bought your mama shit
But you gotta spend cause you wanna look rich
This LA living got you changing
You out here shining on these niggas like you stainless
You out here ballin on these niggas, Calvin Cambridge
Aye tell me, is this life you live worth it?
Does the ice you rock make you painless?

She likes my diamonds and my pearls
I said “thanks my girl designed it”

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