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Anderson .Paak & Knwxledge – Starlite (Yes Lawd! Album) letras

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[Verse 1: Anderson .Paak]
Yeah, and so we finally found a private place amongst the crowded function
I dig into your brain, leaving jewels inside the cubby
Small talk and chit-chat, the God was never with that
But in fact, I’m pleased with the completion of the study
When I met you you were drinking Coca Cola, chewing gummies
Smoking struggle tree, being foolish with your money
I took you out the projects, hipped you to foreign concepts
Lured you to all my contacts, showed you off to the comments
I whipped you up different dishes, fed you fruits and veggie sausage
Now the bitch a vegan, through the week she hiking Runyon
I started to shed a tear, for it appears I fell in love then
You always caught me snubbed in, smoke from my blunt wrap
Now what’s that? You’ve come too far to take the bus back
Head to the sky until you touch that
And even when you’re suntapped, you beaming like a starlite
I wish I was Prince Charming, but this is not the fairy tale
Bitch, Cinderella’s boring
I’m nothing like your Ken and you got bigger tits than Barbie
It is what it is, I know there’s better ways to call it
Just hit me on the hip and if I can you’ll get the call back
I’m busy in the world, know me and Glen just got a contract
And now you say I changed
Like I’m doing all of this to stay the same
Well, why don’t we go back in to the den and have a drink and laugh
Reminisce on simpler days before you knew the math
I think it’s about the time you grab your coat, we get a cab
And right before we go, wait wait a second, do you hear that?

[Hook: Anderson .Paak]
Hey, got damn, bitch, they playing our song
I wanna stay with you all night long
Forget every single word I’ve said, I was dead wrong
And ooh baby, they’re playing our song
I wanna stay with you all night long
Forget every single word I’ve said, I was dead wrong, dead wrong
I said, baby, they playing our song
Why don’t you stay with me all night long?
Hey, fuck every single word I’ve said
I was dead wrong, dead wrong, baby, yeah
I love you, baby, I want you, baby, ooh yeah
And I’m so proud about it, I’m so proud about you
Look how far you’ve come
Hey, from where you started
So proud about it
Bitch, I want you in my life for all of my days
Forever, ever