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Archie Campbell – Love Always Has It’s Way lyrics

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The judge was there, the jury too
And people from afar.
A teenage boy, a tender youth
Was prisoner at the bar.
The great courtroom was crowded with
An eager anxious throng,
And many poor hearts were aching for
The lad accused of wrong.

A teenage girl, with golden curls
Swept swiftly through the crowed.
The people gazed, and wondered yet
Not a word was spoken loud.
The stepping to the judge she said,
One moment she did pause.
Then smiling through her tears she said
“Judge, let me plead his cause”.

Now judge your mind must wander back
To those long years gone by,
And see your sweetheart and yourself
Just like this lad and I.
Remember judge, you once was a boy
Just like this fair young lad.
If you convict him of this wrong
You’ll dive him to the bad.

Tomorrow is our wedding day
The one sweet dream of life.
When too the alter we will go
To make me his dear wife.
Unless you mean to blot our lives
And say that we must part.
Remember judge, your darling wife
Was one your dear sweetheart.

The judge rose swiftly from his seat
The court was still as death
And as the tears rolled down his cheeks
He said in a faltering breath
“I have a little girl at home
With just such childish ways
And before I’d let this happen to her
I’d rather be dead in my grave.”

The jury did not leave the room,
But quickly they agreed.
The foreman briefly signed the note
And gave to the clerk to read.
“NOT GUILTY” were the only words
I heard the young girl say
“My love shall hold me in his arms
Love Always has it’s way. “

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