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Austin Mahone – Shake It For Me lyrics

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itemid=””>AUSTIN MAHONE Shake It For Me lyrics

Oh I can tell that you’re a pro girl, that you do it right
Then you become an other person when I hit the lights
I coulda sworn you would best, on another life
I gotta know, I gotta know

‘Cause in the night when the sun goes down
And your wild side comes out
Baby, that’s when you shake it for me
Soon as that door’s shuts
Turn the bed to a club
Baby, that’s when you shake it for me
And you go up and you come down
You turn around and then you poke out for me
When you get my love and your body erupt
Baby, that’s when you shake it for me

Turn the bedroom to a nightclub
I got idea, yes a lightbulb
Then I lay back, let you get on top
See if you…

Fingers on your clothes girl
I’ve been thinking that you always work up
Living in LA now but I swear you move like you …

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