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Austria’s second chancellor to resign in two months

December 3, 2021 by Posted in: Lyrics

Former Chancellor Sebestyan Kurz resigned amid a corruption scandal on October 9. His successor Alexander Schallenberg officially headed the government on October 11

Alexander Schallenberg

Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, having been at the head of the government for less than two months, wrote a letter of resignation. This is reported by the Kronen Zeitung.

This was preceded by the announcement of Schallenberg's predecessor as chancellor, Sebastian Kurz. He announced that he had decided to retire from politics and resign as chairman of the Austrian People's Party (ANP). As noted by the Kronen Zeitung, Kurz made such a decision after the birth of his son.

The interlocutors of the publication said that Minister of the Interior Karl Nehammer could replace Kurz as chairman of the party.

Schallenberg, according to the Kronen Zeitung, said that he would leave the post of Austrian Chancellor, “ as soon as the appropriate appointments are made within the party. ''

leader of the New People's Party. I strongly believe that both offices & mdash; the heads of government and the leader of the federal party, the most powerful party in Austria, must quickly reunite in the same hands, '', & mdash; Schallenberg explained his decision to resign in a written statement.

Kurz resigned in the wake of a corruption scandal. Investigators suspected people from the Chancellor's entourage of bribing the newspaper & Ouml; sterreich to publish polls with positive comments about the Austrian People's Party. The defendants in the case were Kurz himself, nine other people and three organizations.

On the evening of October 6, Kurz issued a statement in which he denied the charges. “ There is absolutely no evidence that it was me who directed which advertisements or polls were ordered from the Ministry of Finance, '' & mdash; he said then. When asked by a journalist whether Kurtz would remain in the post of chancellor, the politician answered in the affirmative, but on October 9 announced that he was resigning.

The politician explained his decision with a desire to “ avoid chaos and ensure stability. '' “ The important thing now is to restore trust. & lt; … & gt; My country is more important to me than my personality '', & mdash; he said. Schallenberg first became Acting Chancellor of Austria, and from October 11th.

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