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BJ The Chicago Kid – On My Way To Your Heart (The Lost Files: Cuffing Season Mixtape)

December 17, 2016 by Posted in: Lyrics

I woke you up this morning ’cause
I just made breakfast
And I just wanted to let you know that you were special
I had to be the first one to say hi
Don’t want to say bye
I also wanted you to know that
I’ve been thinking about you
I wanna be hired
I wanna work for you
I mean I’m tired of filling out all these part-time job applications
I need full time
I mean being the man that I am
I can’t let you slide through my fingers baby
I’d rather hold you in my arms
So beautiful
So hopefully you accept my application
Cause I only wanna work for you baby
I’m a diligent worker
And I love overtime
My specialty is overtime
I get to work early, I stay late
And I’ll only work for you

[Verse 1]
Ticket says row two
Seat 143
And I’m on my way to
To your heart baby
Baby I’m on the way to your heart
I’m on the way to your heart
I’m on my way to your heart
Baby I’m on my way to your heart
The length of this flight
Is for a lifetime
So baby relax
Cause baby your seat will recline too
There may be a little bit of turbulence baby
But girl don’t trip ’cause I got you
And baby I’m on my way to your heart

[Bridge Out]
Baby I’m on my way to your heart
I’m on my way to your heart
On my way to your heart

[Sample: (?)]
He say he want me to be his new singer
(Whatchu on about now?)
He told you that?
I gave him your address so he could come by and rehearse
Anna May get your gullible country ass out the clouds
He say that to all the girls, know what I’m saying?

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