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Julian Smith – Grandma Like Whoa Lyrics

July 5, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Julian: Whatever man! JULIAN SMITHGrandma Like Whoa Lyrics
Speaking Part :
Dude: I want that hoodie so bad. My grandma is hot, my grandma is awesome, she wears
Mary Kay, my grandma is awesome
My grandma is righteous, she always reads the Bible
My grandma is hot
too hot too hot too hot

Dude: My grandma’s dead. Dude: I really want that hoodie. Julian: What? Dude: You’re gagging? Dude: She’s dead. Huh? Dude: Are you one of those stupid people who call your
Grandma all kinds of different pet names? Julian: Uh-uh, my Gaggy gave this to me. Julian: No, my Gaggy, my grandma. ——————————————————-
I call my grandma “Nanny” I call my grandma “Gram” I
call my grandma “Mammy” cause grandma is the man
Babushka’s never tired she’s always down to roll I call
my grandma “Granny” cause grandma is like whoa! Dude: Why don’t you just call her your grandma, like
everyone else? Julian: I’m so sorry.