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Days Divide – Long Sleeves In Summer Lyrics

July 12, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Who was she bleeding for? All of her days and all of her nights,
She ran away to his forgiving eyes. Silver and red were all she could see. She discovered a way to ruin her life;
She found relief in each red stripe. Tears weren’t enough to let out her pain,
So she used a knife to cry from her arms. Now she has to explain
Her long sleeves in summer. Who was to blame? Love poured out to stop her pain
Washed away each blood stain. She found relief in his red stripes. All of her days and all of her nights,
She ran away from those questioning eyes. What does she hide? She discovered a way to reclaim her life. Everyday she comes home
And locks her door,
And finds a reason to bleed some more. Now she’s finally free. DAYS DIVIDELong Sleeves In Summer Lyrics
She couldn’t stand her own face. Making excuses only got her so far;
She needed one, one for every single scar.