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Tommy Lee Sparta Lottery Scam Case Push Back To October

July 16, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

The “Uncle Demon” deejay and several other occupants in the house were arrested and slapped with various charges related to the Anti-Lottery Act. Tommy Lee Sparta still has a lottery scam cloud over his head because his trial was once again postponed. In 2014, Tommy Lee Sparta along with three of his associates were charged for possession of identity information under the Law Reform Fraudulent Transaction Special Provisions Act. According to the police report, in February 2014, cops raided a house that the deejay was renting in Kingston 5 where they found documents containing the names and personal information of persons living in the United States. The trial was delayed because no courtroom was available to accommodate the case. The dancehall deejay was in court last week with his attorney when the judge postponed the highly anticipated trial until October 13.