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So excited – Fat Joe feat. Dre lyrics

August 2, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Willa suites in the Fendi Chateau. To the big boy yacht. You have a zoo in the house. Lay up in the crib and manage all day. Lyrics Fat Joe – So excited
Salam alekum Joe. To make the big boys watch. Went from nothing to something. Gotta have slim waist and the face Sade. We got tigers called Tyga & Kylie. Every pretty b*tch trying to ride my wave. Now I’m pushing the button
To the wraith and the jewelry
Like a safe, it’s a hundred on the hate. Now ask Big Meech
What he know about Joe. I’m fly like yee, get mine with Jay. Fat Joe lyrics
Video excited When I’m zoned on the cake
When I’m gone, I’m gonna miss yawl
Like the god on the crystal
Hit avi told him switch dialsss. Whenever you’re in Dubai. We living life.(so excited)
Yeaa, pulled up in the big boy drop. Too manny Patek Phillipes.