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Foota Hype Trolling Alkaline Says ‘Extra Lesson’ Deejay Has No Kids

August 8, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Perhaps Foota is trying to get Alkaline’s attention, but he did managed to get some Vendetta fans angry. a nuff a dem a breed up woman and naa mine dem youth , not even know how dem youth eat and drink,” one fan wrote. Foota Hype is trolling Alkaline on Instagram after welcoming his new baby. Foota Hype also has a son with dancehall diva Ishawna. “Some bwoy say dem a gallis and a talk bout extra lesson and nuh know dah feeling yah fi create life #adori day just born pic,” Foota Hype wrote in the caption of a photo of himself holding his newborn. “Big up yourself Alkaline, better u no have no youth…. Alkaline famously raps about being the dancehall “gallis” of the moment, but Foota Hype is feeling some type of way about giving the Vendetta boss that title.