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Neva Dinova – Lucifer’s Lament Lyrics

August 9, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

As fars I can tell, my angel, she fell,
her wings are sticking through her dress. But you can only die twice, it’s that second time that
makes the first time seem so nice. And I don’t want to look, but I must, she mistook me for
one who could be saved, I guess. NEVA DINOVALucifer’s Lament Lyrics
Face first in gloves, I got some cancer for your love. And I know what they say we all look the same in the dark, yeah I know what they say I walked in asbury park
saw my troubles in the hearts of men
hate’s a girl with pretty eyes, but I’m just not the type. And I fell from great heights, and saw a lot, however
fast it past. And I don’t really like the way that I’ve become,
but I can’t stope it now, when the madness comes,
I’ll get out. Truthfully I believe that anyone who dies kills themself.