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Did Alkaline Turn Down Sean Kingston Offer To Sign Him Before Beef

August 12, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

“The fans will soon see that it’s just a bag of badmind thing just because he tried to sign Alka and the youth turned him down,” sources said. Alkaline called both artists a b*tch on Instagram. Alkaline may have turned down Sean Kingston‘s offer to sign him to his label before they started beefing. “We been saying Gaza from long time even before anybody hear about Alkaline so this is not something new.”
Earlier this week, Kingston got into it with Vendetta fans after posting a video of Tommy Lee Sparta sleeping inside his Porsche. Kingston is currently living in Jamaica and already he is stirring things up from signing Tommy Lee Sparta to his label Time is Money Entertainment, to beefing with his former collaborator Alkaline. Tory Lanez leave and all the other artists he signed turn worthless, so any man want to get frighten and sign with him that’s their choice.”
Sean Kingston and Alkaline left from collaborating on “Ride On Me (Remix)” to beefing, but the reggae pop singer is saying its just because he said Gaza why the “Champion Boy” deejay don’t like him. Sources around the Vendetta deejay exclusively told Dancehall HipHop this weekend that Sean Kingston tried to get a signature from him and he said no. “It’s just because we said Gaza so some boy start hate,” a rep for Kingston told DHH. #SeanKingston responds to #alkaline diss
A post shared by DancehallHipHop (@dancehallhiphop) on Aug 9, 2017 at 11:56am PDT “Alkaline flat out turn down his offer because it was a bad deal plus his label not bringing much to the table right now.