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Watch Tommy Lee Sparta New Video “Grim Grim Rave” Video

August 12, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Tommy Lee Sparta is having a great year this year with a number of singles in heavy rotation on dancehall airwaves. The 4-minutes clip was directed by Cinema Gods while the single was produced by Silver Birds Records. He is looking to close out the year with his new deal with Sean Kingston. Tommy Lee Sparta wants all his fans to party for the rest of the summer to his new video “Grim Rim Rave.”
The “Uncle Demon” deejay just signed a new deal with Sean Kingston’s Time is Money Entertainment making him the newest artist to call the label home. They then took the party inside his mansion at night fall and party until day break. The video starts out with Tommy Lee Sparta and his crew hosting a pool party with plenty bikini clad females.