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Trick Google to Rank Top Music Search Tips 2017

August 17, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

For example 5 miles to Km will convert 5 miles to kilometers
READ  How Kendrick Lamar's 'Section.80' Catapulted Him Into Hip-Hop Royalty18. This is because Google owns popular services like gmail, YouTube and also the most popular mobile OS which is Android. Google will play automatic sound when our time is over. Sometime we need to search all the articles or contents about a topic from a particular side only. type in the search box

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Share on Google+ This amazing Google viral trick which surprise you. (Knowledge Graph Based). We have to keep our search simple so that it provide frequent location. We can easily find the name of our favourite Actors in movie. We will get result of live webcam. Hyphen tell the Google which word we want to remove in our search. Google Translate. Rose OR White Rose
2. Just type Like   “cricket Schedule”   and hit enter. 8. Just type   “Cast:Harry Potter”. This trick will really annoy us. You will get the schedule of current running cricket tournaments. We can set timer of our choice by simply clicking on it. It randomly convert the alphabets In uppercase   and lowercase. If we search mustang- horse then it will remove the words related to horse in our search. 3. It is another wonderful in all Google tricks. 4. Search page looking like twinkling star. Google I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks
1. 19. It is another best in list of Google tricks for music lovers. Just type “inurl:view/view.shtml” and hit enter. Keep Our Search Simple. This is done by some predefined keywords like
inurl: keyword
intitle: keywordinsiteurl: keyword

Other Search Operators
intext: keywordinsubject: keyword
Trick Google to Rank Top Music Search Tips 2017
Search more about his latest inside the box
Looking for more update about this? 2. 9. The qoute rule is used for exact search. It is like real PAC-man Game. Just type   “Google Guitar”   in the search bar and press i am feeling lucky button. Google Guitar. Google rainbow trick make Rainbow shape around the Google word and all the alphabets and options change   their color instantly. 3. Google Rainbow. We just have to type   “flip a coin”   in the search bar and then press   i am feeling lucky button. Thus, it is very important for sites to show up in the first page of the search results to gain more visitors. Google Who’s the Cutest. 11. Another most useful in all Google Tricks. Some time we need to know how many page are linked to a particular website. Just type   “Sunset New York”   or “Sunrise New York”. 2. Type this trick and see the result. 17. For example
USD to British Pound
It will convert the USD to British Pounds with present currency rate. We can rotate Google by this Trick. Using this Google trick all the words or option in the Google page start Flying in Circular Motion like a bee fly around flowers. Using these tabs we can more clarify Google about our search. It stands for a Ford car or also for a horse category. It is an awesome and wonderful in Google tricks list for sports lovers. For example
In this example we will search all information about Taj Mahal at
4. We can easily set Timer on Google search Engine. Open the you tube site and type   “Use the foce Luke” or “do the harlem shake”   On the you tube search bar and you will see the dancing YouTube result. Just type   “Define triangle”   on the Google and hit Enter. For example if we want to know about Five star hotel for around us then type Five Star Hotels nearby. Use this trick and be the master of Google search Engine Among our friends. 9. Miles to Km
It will convert the miles to kilometers. Track Packages. You can try these and have fun as well as make the best use of Google services. We always need to toss when we play game to decide who play first. Know Sunrise And Sunset Time. elgoog
This is another amazing google tricks based on i’m feeling lucky. Just type   “Tilt”   and hit enter Google search result page will be tilted by a small angle. 7. It is useful in all Google tricks for movie lovers. Just type the   “Zerk rush”   and hit enter on the screen. Google will return you a coin we can easily flip by clicking on it. Google Number Speaker. For example
*Search Topic*filetype:pdf
In the above example simply replace the search topic with your search and the above search will provide the pdf file related to your topic. Dancing YouTube. Open the Google main page and type who’s the Cutest and then press I am feeling lucky button and see the surprise.   Can you speak 37482290876235 it. Use Quotes For Specific Search. It provide a feeling if somebody hack Google. It is another small but amazing google trick. It is another cool feature of Google.   We can easily get the live Webcam images from different location. Note:-   Above given tricks will perform better if we click on I’m feeling lucky button which appears on left side of google search button or also on keywords left side as show below. Google Loco. It is where internet begins for most people. Google Zerg Rush. It’s just like tilt trick but it also distort the words on the page. 10. Some time we want to know how many similar sites are currently exist like a particular site. For example
We *happy* family
When we search the above sentence the Google Search Engine automatically replace the asterisk symbol with matching string and provide all the possible content about those sentence. 4. Annoying Google. Sometime when we search a word it is ambiguous to Google or have many different meaning. Google Askew. Use Google OR operator. Or how many website refer to a particular site. Google page components breakdown and we can move it with mouse drag and drop. It will provide exact file type with less effort and reduce our searching time. We can easily toss when we do not have a coin with the help of Google. Google can do it easily just type   “37482290876235= English”. If you are searching a special or particular thing then always use quotes to reduce the Google Guess work. Use Colon To Search A Particular Keyword Result For Site. Google Gravity. This trick will really annoy our friends and everybody ask how we do it. Ok Google. Google Mirror is another amazing funny in list of google tricks which generate a rotate version of Google search page. It will provide us the name of all the actors with images in this film. Google Sphere. 10. This is another funny trick. Find   Cast. Math student can also take advantage of this for Unit Conversion. Find The Sites That Are Similar To A Site. Google Heart Graph. Some time we do not know the exact lyrics of the song which we want to search or e quote said by a person. It is another funny trick in the list of Google tricks. Google Search Tricks And Hacks. Just use a voice command   “Ok Google”    and then speak your topic which we want to search. By searching elgoog and pressing i’m feeling lucky it will gives mirror effect. 16. 14. 14. Google Barrel Roll. READ  Nicki Minaj Dump Meek Mill, Says Drake & Game Gave Him Ls13. Just type Askew in the search bar and it will distort our Google search page. For voice command we have to allow Google to use our mic. Then use the syntax below
This will return all the pages linked to domain. We can do it for many times. 7. Google allow us to know the sunrise and sunset time of our city or country. Type   “Distance between Amritsar and Chandigarh”   it will return you the exact distance and ways of travel. Find A Specific File. 5. Currency And Unit Conversion. 1. Every thing on the page is shown in coding like. Google Countdown Timer. 6. We can easily search anything on Google without typing or touching to our keyboard. 19. Google will take a rotation. It is an amazing trick for Lovers. For example
The above search will find all the sites that provide online shopping facility like Flipkart but it do not contain the Flipkart link. Just type “Do a Barrel Roll” and hit enter. Google Distance Between Cities. Just type   “Blink HTML”   in search bar will blink all the words written HTML on a page. We can also use specific syntax to define the parameters of search. Use The Asterisk In Search. Google will automatically pick our location and provide information about five Star Hotels around us. It is a helpful in all Google Tips to find out our package. It is another good feature of Google. Type like   “English to Hindi”   or   “English to Spanish”   and hit enter. Use Technical And Professional Words. we can easily convert one language to other using Google Translate. We have to kill them before destroying. A beautiful timer will appear on our screen. We can replace New York with our city or country. Because in website content only technical terms are used. Find Pages That Link To a Particular Site. 20. Some time we need a PDF, PPT or Doc file related to a particular   topic. We can easily convert money from one currency to other currency with present currency rate. When we use this trick the size of text start increasing suddenly and will come out of our computer screen. If you want more accurate result in less time then use technical or professional English to search our content. We can easily compare fat, calories, calcium that a food compare. Example 10 USD to British Pound. 17. We can play packman game on Google page if we do not have any game to play on our PC. When we use quotes in our searching it exactly find the string pattern in quotes and remove other combinations. It is an amazing and most widely searched in all Google tricks which make our Google as it is in zero gravity. Music notes are also written below the guitar. Therefore, anyone cannot use the internet without Google. Just type on the search bar like   “Pizza Vs Noodles”   and Google will provide us detail comparison with images. 12.Use Tabs. 5. One common example is mustang. Even the basic Google search page is the most used search engine in the world. 18.Google Flip A Coin Or Google Toss. Just type   “xx-haxor”    and click on the i am feeling lucky button. We will get a blue heart on the Google Page. Google Definitions & Syntax. If we want Google will dance and jump for us then   and see the dancing Google. We can simply enter   UPS, USPS and Fedex tracking number   into the Google Search Bar and it will provide you all the information of your package. 5. Google Sports Schedule. It is also a popular Google Game on the Google Page. We can use Google search engine as Calculator. It will open the page in hacker style. Sometime we do not have Calculator or we use Google Search Engine for browsing and do not want to shift to Calculator. It is another hidden searching feature of Google Search Engine to find a particular file. Google Mirror. It is much better than to visit a particular website to track our package. Google Live Webcams. We can also use it below. It is just a small trick not a bigger one. Google Food Comparison. To see this trick browse the link It will return you Google Page in 1998. 3. While it was just a search engine back in the day, Google has grown a lot. Google Tilt. We can easily find the current schedule of our favourite sports. Do not use our normal speaking words to search the desired contents. Type Google gravity on Google and open Mr doob link and see results. It is a funny time passing trick of Google. Google Created many funny pages. Type   “Google in 1998”   then press enter. If we want to see the older look of Google in 1998 then this trick is really helpful for you. 11. Google Search Operators Cheats. Then we use asterisk notation to search the quote or song. For Unit Conversion. 12. Just copy the copy the text below
”sqrt(cos(x))*sin(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5 ”
And paste it on the Google Search bar and hit enter. For example
It will return you 33 answer. Just type   “set Timer”   in the search bar and hit Enter. 1. we can easily take definition of different terms from the google search. Hence, today in this article, we are going to list the latest and best   Google tips and tricks. Google search is very flexible and provide facility to search multiple words at once using OR operator. For that problems hear is solution in google tricks and tips list. Type the mathematical expression in Search bar and hit enter, it will return the answer to equation. 16. As well as we can have some fun using the latest Google tricks and hacks. 8. It is another way of searching on Google which is very popular. These tricks rather help in making the best use of Google services. For example
“How to prepare Aptitude test “OR “Best ways to prepare aptitude”. 6. Use Google Search As A Calculator. It will reduce our search time and provide fast result. Google Hacker. Google Packman. Some time we do not get exact from Google that we want and search our content using two keywords or sentences. We can easily find the distance between cities before traveling with a little Google search. It is sufficient to surprise anyone. 20. Blink HTML. Just click on the microphone sign on Google search bar. Epic Google. 15. This is really useful in all Google Tricks. List Of Google Tricks And Tips. 13.Use Hyphen To Exclude Words. 15. This is specially for people who are very health conscious. It is an amazing feature of Google which can speak very complex and large number easily in our favorite language. Google 1998 Look. We feel like we see the Google page in Mirror. Too many small ooooo appear on the screen an try to destroy our search page. The above search will provide the combine result of both searches. Awesome trick we keep it hide for surprise. Whenever we have to search anything on Google use tabs for more frequent result. With so much use of Google search as well as other services, people constantly look for   Google tricks and tips. Trick Google to Rank Top Music Search Tips 2017
Google has rather become the face of the internet. Type Google Pacman and open its link and start playing Game. We always see many tabs on Google page like news, images, web etc. Type Google Mirror in search engine and open its respective link and see the result. It will provide us an awesome guitar that sounds with mouse hover. Some time we get bored by using the same site and want to find the other alternative site. It is an amazing google trick to solve the simple math problems. It is another popular feature of Google Search Engine. READ  VIDEO: Swazzi – Skolo6.