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Alkaline Drops Gritty Tommy Lee Sparta Diss Track “Buss Head”

August 24, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Alkaline come through with a gritty Tommy Lee Sparta diss track titled “Buss Head.”
Someone inside the Vendetta camp sent us the new record this morning (Aug. Already the track is racking up the views and is one of the most talked about tracks in dancehall currently. The Spartan deejay recently joked about it in an interview where he said that Alka used his “good good eye” and put in his artwork. 23) and now Alkaline has uploaded it to his Vevo channel. This marks the second diss record Alkaline released this year aimed at Tommy Lee Sparta, while the Mobay deejay has already released a handful of tracks dissing his rival. “Tell unnu fi low the badness and pre gal / We humans but we a no equals / War can’t buyout it can’t resolve / Don’t need police it no hard fi we resolve / Vendetta don’t style them but we deadly / Pu**y them a chat like Beverly / Anything a Anything tell them we ready,” Alkaline rhymes over a base heavy dancehall beat. Back in March, the Vendetta leader stirred up some controversy with a track called “Red Eyes” where he used a photo of Tommy Lee’s eye in the artwork. The single was produced by Alkaline’s go to producer DJ Frass and features the Detta deejay getting explicit of where he wants to take this war/beef between himself and Tommy Lee Sparta.