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Vybz Kartel Drops Two New Singles and Disses Alkaline Again

August 31, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

At this moment he should just come out and admit that Kartel is his idol. While the “Dancehall Hero” deejay didn’t call any names, Alkaline has been getting scrutinized for what some people say is a blatant rip off of Kartel’s image and style. “Song ya is pure fire big up Worl’Boss the GOAT, so easy,” one fan wrote on DHH IG page. On Wednesday, the incarcerated deejay drop a solo single “So Easy” and another collaboration with Ishawna “How Can You.” Both singles have been getting raved reviews from Kartel’s massive dancehall fan base. “Every man in a me style a so the p**** them stay,” Kartel deejay. Vybz Kartel unleashed two new singles on dancehall airwaves in one day and they are both fire. “A Kartel style buss him and a it get him to where he is right now. Some Gazanation fans are already pointing fingers to Alkaline being the artist that Vybz Kartel is referring to. Kartel is also getting some attention for a line on the single “So Easy” where he disses dancehall artists who are copying his style. “Alka a live in a Addi style from day one,” sources inside the Gaza told DHH. On one of the singles, he once again disses Alkaline. His friend Kasanova already said it and I think he should just come out and say it.”