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Monthly Archives: August 2017

For what it s worth – Liam Gallagher lyrics

The first bird to fly gets all the arrows Lets leave the past behind with all our sorrows I’ll build a bridge between us and I’ll swallow my pride. For what its worth I’m sorry for the hurt I’ll be the first to say “I made my own mistakes” For what its worth I know […]

Watch me – Jaden Smith lyrics

if you want the rain then we comin’ down. Watch meee, watch meee Watch meee, do this You see me dancing like I’m Elvis Just tell your man that it’s all in the pelvis Watch meee, watch meee Watch meee, do this Since 2012 I’ve been the coolest If you do not get it my […]

What about us – P!nk lyrics

What about all the plans that ended in disaster? Oh, what about love? What about usss? What about all the times you said you had the answers? What about all the broken happy ever afters? Sticks and stones they may break these bones But then I’ll be ready, are you ready? What about usss? I’ll […]

O alta ea – Smiley versuri

Ca o sa mai si plang cateodata Si ca viata-i ca o roata, Azi ai tot, maine nimic. De ce nu gaseste nimeni o formula logica? Sa invatam cum sa iubim Abia cand a plecat de tot din viata mea Mi-as fi dorit sa ma invete cineva Ca iubirea nu doare decat cand dispare Doar […]

2 Chainz – Door Swangin

A nigga a hustler, now the feds got him You bring the rubber bands, I bring the money counter Another day we gotta get it, ‘notha day we gotta get it I say ‘notha day we gotta get it, ‘notha day we gotta get it Can’t forget how I fucking had that door swinging Can’t […]

Fazerdaze – Misread

I like the way you talk about yourself as if you’re someone else I like the way you smile when you’re so proud of something you did yourself Today your head is down your mind is somewhere else I hate the way you talk about yourself when you’re feeling down I hate the way you […]

The Buttertones – Matador

You can’t erase A blank slate You flip a coin and make your choice It’s been awhile since you made your mark You’ve gotten used to pissing in the dark But you can’t go back so you just Look for a door on the current day In a river of endless hallways Your dull blade […]

Girls’ Generation – All Night (Sub Español, Hangul, Roma)

I like to party Ooh 아이 알고 있잖아 All night 우린 밤새도록 Alright 웃고 놀 거야 ‘Cause we hot & sweet baby 여름의 전류 귀를 간지럽힐 때 (Alright) 니 눈에 비친 불꽃놀이 흔들릴 때 (Alright) 바보처럼 다시 널 사랑하게 돼 All night, all night, all night 어떻게 지냈어 묻고 싶은데 넌 정말이지 좋아 보여서 나도 […]

James Taylor – Copperline

Even the old folks never knew Why they call it like they do I was wondering since the age of two Down on Copperline Copper head, copper beech Copper kettles sitting side by each Copper coil, cup o’Georgia peach Down on Copperline Half a mile down to Morgan Creek Leaning heavy on the end of […]

Taylor Swift – Enchanted

[Verse 1] There I was again tonight Forcing laughter, faking smiles Same old tired, lonely place Walls of insincerity, shifting eyes and vacancy Vanished when I saw your face All I can say is It was enchanting to meet you [Verse 2] Your eyes whispered "have we met?" Across the room your silhouette Starts to […]

Taylor Swift – Haunted

You and I walk a fragile line I have known it all this time But I never thought I’d live to see it break It’s getting dark, and it’s all too quiet And I can’t trust anything now And it’s coming over you like it’s all a big mistake Oh, I’m holding my breath Won’t […]

PnB Rock – X Factor (feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)

[Chorus: PnB Rock] Yeah, I done fell for a bad bitch And she in love with the fashion And she in love with the fast whips Can’t wait to catch you in traffic Yeah, I done fell for a bad bitch And she in love with the fashion And she in love with the fast […]

Strick – 100 Degrees (feat. Young Thug)

It’s too much money in this section, you got hella options I see a lot of niggas hating but they don’t want no problems One call to my compadre, he gon’ pop ’em like a molly Your bitch was tryna fuck my partner so I passed to ollie I’m smoking citrus in the valley, I’m […]

$UICIDEBOY$ – 2nd Hand

I think nada Just a persona, and I’m nirvana Popping xans to make you mad, I know you want some Rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling Got an ounce of the coke, white snow floating River road shawty, Yung Christ, one chosen Slick tote the AK-47 stolen, woadie joscing [VERSE II: SNOWMANE] All of […]

Jamie Lawson & Ed Sheeran – Can’t See Straight (Acoustic)

[Intro] Oh oh oh oh-oh-oh Oh oh oh oh-oh-oh oh [Verse 1] Shooting stars shining down on your face Dancing in the moonlight with you You keep me calm when I’m a certain disgrace You keep me on my toes with your moves [Pre-Chorus 1] And you pulled me inside out and outside in Give […]

Leikeli47 – O.M.C.

Gone ‘head be smart my nigga Gone, leave [Hook] I don’t rock with you homie I don’t rock with you homie I don’t go out my circle I don’t go out my circle I don’t rock with you homie I don’t rock with you homie I don’t go out my circle I don’t go out […]

Lianne La Havas – Tokyo

Such a cold, cold night I thought I wouldn’t need to I’ve got my neon lights If only just to feel you To know that it’s alright Oh baby baby baby baby I’m out of sight I’m out of mind Alone in Tokyo You’re out of reach Wrong place, wrong time Alone in Tokyo I’m […]

Locksmith – The One (feat. Olamide Faison)

A part of me left, that was so easy to catch I wore it right there on my sleeve [Hook: Olamide Faison] If I could right all of my wrongs My fault just treated you low But you’re gone, damage is done It’s sad. Only the future can tell, only if you can detail We […]

Nessly – No Mistakes

Ayy ayy, ayy ayy Woo [Chorus: Nessly] No mistakes, no mistakes No mistakes, so much cake I ain’t training for this shit but I keep it on my waist I took her to the crib broad day, had to blindfold her face No mistakes (yeah), no mistakes (yeah) No mistakes (yeah), no mistakes (yeah) No […]

Quincy – Waterfall

Girl you’s a dime, wasting your time on the wrong one [Chorus] Baby let me make your water fall It’s been too long ‘Cause you got that look in your eye, come and get what you feel for now Baby let me make your water fall We both grown Ooh I’m dying to see what […]