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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Free Beat: King Los – Without Me Instrumental

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King Los – Without Me Lyrics

(x3) Study all my s**t then pretend you forgot about me (x3) [Verse 2] They say I thug too hard, that’s how you made me ‘Cause when I love too hard, that’s how you slave me And (God puts the gorgeous pun I ?) And you thought the b******t gon’ slide I’m giving out courses […]

Noi 2 – Alexandra Stan versuri

Noi doi Numai amandoi Noi noi doi Vino inapoi Noi doi Sa fim doar amandoi Noi doiii. Iubite Mi-ai face o favoare Dac-ai veni la mare S-am fi noi doi sub soare Sub soare noi doi. Iubite Mi-ai face o favoare Dac-ai veni la mare S-am fi noi doi sub soare Sub soare soare. Noi […]

Foota Hype Trolling Alkaline Says ‘Extra Lesson’ Deejay Has No Kids

Perhaps Foota is trying to get Alkaline’s attention, but he did managed to get some Vendetta fans angry. a nuff a dem a breed up woman and naa mine dem youth , not even know how dem youth eat and drink,” one fan wrote. Foota Hype is trolling Alkaline on Instagram after welcoming his new […]

Aidonia and 4thGenna Kicks Off European Tour

“Europe has always been a place that shows Aidonia a lot of love, so it’s important that we as artistes reciprocate,” Aidonia said. He will also be performing in Sweden, France, Italy, and Austria. He will be performing at some major events in Europe like Reggae Geel Festival in Belgium, Rototom Sunsplash in Spain, and […]

Lil Wayne – Loyalty (feat. Gudda Gudda & Hoodybaby)

We back by popular demand Quit baller-blocking us Lord Gudda, praise a nigga MOB, I’m brazy nigga Hard at work, I’m slaving nigga Yeah, surfs up, I’m wavy nigga Percocet and Adderall, man I could walk on water I got a son, his name Jaylen and he want all your daughters I’m a landmine, got […]

Jay-Z – Adnis

[Verse 1] You order a drink, it goes down smooth Before you can blink, it turns into two It was just gonna be another night with the boys Shooting some pool, pickin’ a stool and making some noise Then she walks in and I never dance Turns into tippin’ the band, and taking her hand… […]

American Head Charge – When I Failed Lyrics

AMERICAN HEAD CHARGEWhen I Failed Lyrics Decide everything for me Subject yourself to it Make believe it’s only your fault Stifle my own Ambition It’s been so long since I failed Nothing alienates this Anything reminds me Relieving it only helps Suffer to make your own gains It’s been so long since I failed And […]

Bree Sharp – David Duchovny Lyrics

Why won’t you love me? Why won’t you love me? Why won’t you love me? BREE SHARPDavid Duchovny Lyrics It’s Sunday night, I am curled up in my room The TV light fills my heart like a balloon I hold it in as best I can, I know I’m just another fan But I can’t […]

Midnight Beast – Tik Tok Lyrics

Now let’s copy poker face like Woow wa oh oh, Woow wa oh oh… (Hahahahaha) MIDNIGHT BEASTTik Tok Lyrics Wake up in the morning feeling like Winehouse Grab my breezer, I’m out the door I’m gonna be really loud Cuz I don’t care who I piss off, yeah I’m a real big sinner Sometimes I […]

Patrice – Kingfish Lyrics

PATRICEKingfish Lyrics yeah, oh oh yeah yeaaaah ah no, ah no rollin’ down the street in my Kingfish Kentaky on my wuff, oh yes i am in this rollin’ down the street in my Kingfish Bob Marley in my wuff, oh yes i’m in this ohh no message i got no message no message oh […]

Cracker – Sunday Train Lyrics

So if your heart is weary and soul is like mine. So rest you’ll weary legs, they carried you all this way. Place my faith in southern line. But where you need to be she’ll agree. You can place your faith in your brother, but he may fail you. Stretched from sea to shinning sea. […]

Price Family

–Verse 2: Bernadette Price– Get off my man dick Understand that man spit shit that you can’t bitch Boot Camp champion don Can’t get along With every rapper that’s out, wack for shouting on song Shut the fuck up Big bars beloved [?] all up in the cupboard Rolling calamity, hard puncher All In the […]

Rap Professor

Word to God I’ma snatch crown Put it back on my head, I’m taking it back now P! Sean Price on some new and improved shit Life is a chess game I’m strategic with movements Your move bitch P! Lyrics to ‘Rap Professor’ by Sean Price: –Sample– And thus it shall be Imperious Rex –Verse […]

Resident Evil

Listen –Verse 1– The godfather Big black brother with burners and large armor Big bottle of brown, call it the car starter Rape an atheist ’til the bitch say, “our father” Hail Mary Brenda Had a Baby Threw the baby out the window, now Brenda is going crazy Ignorant fool Hang with some ignorant dudes […]

Refrigerator P!

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel This is what I do You wanna hear that kinda shit? You best to fuck with me, ’cause I’m the best there is at what I do Lyrics to ‘Refrigerator P!’ by Sean Price: –Verse 1– It go, nice rap and Mic Tyson fans, no Tight fashion, might […]

Not97 Skit

Before I Hold up, hold on You know what I’m saying? Matter of fact hold me..let me get my record right Before I, you know what I mean? I’m hip to what’s going on fam I ain’t no old nigga that don’t be knowing what’s going on fam You know what I mean? You sold […]

The 3 Lyrical Ps

I’m beyond it Black Mafia, Infamous, on that Mobb shit Baby, you are now rocking with the best, we good regardless –Verse 3: Styles P– I hear you talking but it don’t mean shit ‘Cause niggas will pop on you like SEAL Team Six Cheers to the killers in limousines Those from Thailand with a […]


Lyrics to ‘Negus’ by Sean Price: –Verse 1: Sean Price– Stupid nigga Sean, super nigga, uh Pop, pop, pop, I’m shootin’ at your moms I ain’t writin’ ahead I aim right for your head Nigga, murder, death, kill Sex, money, mayhem Mournin’ murder with a weapon, step into the A.M Believe in me, pah, the […]

Definition of God

My knuckles drag when the God walk I ain’t old school, I ain’t new school I’m a dropout with the tool that pop out I’m the shit up in my hood I had three wishes; I wish that a nigga would Step to the God, when God step I step on ya squad Imperius Rex […]