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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Drake Brought Out The Weeknd & Cardi B At OVO Fest 2017 [VIDEO]

Drake has had some big names as a surprise guest on OVO Fest over the years including in 2014 when brought out Lauryn Hill to perform her classic singles “Doo Wop,” “Lost Ones,” “Ready or Not,” and “Draft Day.” The previous year he brought out Kanye West who performed “All of the Lights” and “New […]

Alkaline Former Affiliate Kasanova Surfaced Alive And Well

A rep for the up and coming dancehall deejay told Dancehall HipHop that he was in hiding after his former manager made an attempt after his life. “A gun was held to his head but he manages to escape and went into hiding for his own safety. “The deejay was in hiding after an attempt […]

Rihanna Dazzles At 2017 Crop Over Like A Goddess

She showed off her thickness and everyone on social media was drooling over her. A post shared by DancehallHipHop (@dancehallhiphop) on Aug 7, 2017 at 10:32am PDT #rihanna in Barbados A post shared by DancehallHipHop (@dancehallhiphop) on Aug 7, 2017 at 11:37am PDT #rihanna? Rihanna has been having a great year and she is noticeable […]

Obsessed – River Of Soul Lyrics

OBSESSEDRiver Of Soul Lyrics Elusive dreamland Behind the velvet curtain Lysergic vision Of just a mortal man Utopic pastures The edge of paradise Blue sparkling falls laugh With steaming jungle rains I want to dream on a pillow of clouds Cast aside this neon shroud Make a bed in the riverside leaves And ride a […]

Last Winter – For All Times Lyrics

LAST WINTERFor All Times Lyrics When you’re raining As you’re going down I’ll follow you under When you’re storming I’ll wait with you Until it’s over Because I’ve realized that This will be The greatest of memories ever known And I hope that one day while you’re looking back I’ll be there For so long […]

Machiavel – Leave It Where It Can Stay Lyrics

MACHIAVELLeave It Where It Can Stay Lyrics leave it where it can stay by Machiavel Music : Albert Lethecheur Words : Una Faravell – Marc Ysaye Arrt : Jack Say In time there is no place for you In space there is no time for me So I scream I scream the pain oh take […]

Carly Pearce – Every Little Thing Lyrics

I remember every little thing. Of every little thing. Every little thing, I remember every little thing. I guess you forgot what you told me, Because you left my heart on the floor. (Quietly: no more.) Every little thing, I remember every little thing. They say time is the only healer; God- I hope that […]

Jimmy Buffett – A Sailor’s Christmas Lyrics

Chorus: Instrumental bridge Jesus was a fisherman who walked upon the sea The North Pole is the ocean’s remote frozen balcony The continents keep drifting but the children sing and play Cause nothing really matters after all it’s Christmas day Chorus There’s a party down at Le Select all music, rhum and cheers Faces in […]

Os Bico Fica Atacado – Mc Magal letra

E começamos a dar uns tragos Idéia vai, idéia vem E a idéia vai além. Letra Mc Magal – Os bico fica atacado E na neurose Parça trouxe um ba.. (Os bico fica atacado) Porque existe gente assim Lugar de Zé Povin Nunca me fortaleceu E ainda quer falar de mim Só eu sei o […]

Favor – Skrillex feat. Vindata & Nstasia lyrics

Oooh Usually I smoke a little something with you babe, sometimes. I know I ain’t trippin I know it’s forreal You may be speechless but you know how it feels You a thug And that’s what I like That’s what I like oohhh. I ain’t tryna be the one to put u through it Just […]

Rita Calypso – Kinky Love Lyrics

RITA CALYPSOKinky Love Lyrics Kinky love Kinky i’m mad about you Kinky love I need you so bad I need you kinky love Kinky you’re all that i’ve been thinking of Kinky take me inside and let the honey slide I need you kinky love Good to me Kinky do all the things you should […]

Forever – Ollie lyrics

Lyrics Ollie – Forever Now I’m twenty-one, when I look around I see everything from a new view I’ve done made mistakes, I’ve done messed it all up But I’ma keep on pushing ’till I see this through ‘Cause I got, I got a whole life to learn Yeah, and that’s what I’ma do Yeah, […]

Jerry Lee Lewis – Please Release Me Lyrics

JERRY LEE LEWISPlease Release Me Lyrics Please release me, let me go You know, woman, I don’t love you anymore To live together, it would be a sin Release me and let me love again I have found a new love, dear And all killer needs that woman near Her lips are warm, yours are […]

Shape Of Despair – Curse Life Lyrics

SHAPE OF DESPAIRCurse Life Lyrics I used to feel… I used to sense what were Inside of me To feel waves of difference Waves which brought me to live I enjoyed this life in me Breathing and feeling Burning and suffocating Didn’t curse the hour Which gave birth to me Didn’t curse another life When […]

O.c. – Special Lyrics

I’m far from it; you name it I done it I been here before like Muhammad – check Thoughts caress you, may God bless you For all listenin ears comin from, truly yours Somethin special [Chorus] [O.C.] Yeah… yo It seems like a, mic was made so I can speak my piece Or like a, […]

Severe Torture – Dismal Perception Lyrics

SEVERE TORTUREDismal Perception Lyrics Painful be my destiny to kill nevermore Irresistible urge to revive every life I took Disrupting society Revoking to die Passing the ordeals of my mind Dismal Perception Unbearable suffering to those I despise Feeding the hunger that once begun Undeniable descendant of misanthropic misbehaviour Destined for ferocity Immersed in immorality […]

Watch Vybz Kartel New Video “Born Again Virgin”

Just days after his fans calls for more new music, Vybz Kartel released a new music video for his single “Born Again Virgin.” The Warrior Films-directed video features a female seducing a man and getting him hooked on her. Despite that, he manages to score another Billboard hit single with “Fever” climbing the chart. “Baby […]

Phobia – HRVY lyrics

But i’ve been sleeping with the light on Like i’m afraid of the dark Afraid of a broken heart I don’t wanna break your heart No, no, no. I’ve got a phobia of being without ya I’ve got a phobia of being alone It’s only a matter of time, girl Before i break down […]

Into the light – Slushii lyrics

It’s a phenomenon that only occurs twice in every human’s life; once during the beginning and once during the end The color and magnitude of light varies from individual to individual, but everyone possesses this sacred light within, the light that remains a beacon of hope for generations to come.(into the light) Don’t you […]

10 Things To Know About The Designer Behind Rihanna’s Crop Over Costumes

8: Since 2015 she has paired up with agency manager, Matthew Ashby, and is presently expanding Aura to other markets. (Instagram image) By NAN ET Editor News Americas, BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Tues.     2: Austin was born in Trinidad but lives in Barbados now with her husband. 7: But after Zula thought her designs were […]