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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Hunter – Freedom Lyrics

HUNTERFreedom Lyrics I close my eyes Look deep inside All what I see It’s neverending lies YOU! I introduce my bride All always by my side I hate my deadly pride Now I ask you… You made me feel so grown And late throw down my crown So now my youth is gone… I feel […]

Randy – Better Than Art Lyrics

Something’s wrong. Then you say I use the same. Is a nice step on the way. I wear my intentions on my sleeve. Close to my heart. Better than art. A small reminder of a. one single heart. When you put your ear. I heard that before so, so do you. You might think that. […]

In Strict Confidence – Something To Remember Lyrics

IN STRICT CONFIDENCESomething To Remember Lyrics I’m drifting through the night between the young and blind can’t name the things I’m desperately looking for benumbed I start to creep feels like an induced sleep will I escape this drunken weakness anymore Only wish for something to remember I’m aware you have a heart of glass […]

Everly Brothers – All We Really Want To Do Lyrics

EVERLY BROTHERSAll We Really Want To Do Lyrics If we could have a moment of your time We think you’d understand what’s on our mind Some people think there’s better things to do Than writing words in poems to get a message through All we really want to do Is sing a good old song […]

Solteiro Ata Morrer – Mc Kekel letra

Mc Kekel letras Video morrer Faço de tudo pra esquecer Sofri uma vez E nunca mais Eu vou, sofrer. Letra Mc Kekel – Solteiro ata morrer Quando a gente se encontrar Lá na frente eu vou dizer Que valeu te conhecer Mas foi melhor eu te esquecer. Conheci a liberdade Nunca mais vou me prender […]

Smooth sailing – Trick Daddy feat. Trina lyrics

Lyrics Trick Daddy – Smooth sailing Yeah I know what you thinking You know Ive been drinkin’ You know what I thinkkk.(smooth sailing) Trick Daddy lyrics Video sailing

Killing time – R3hab feat. Felix Cartal lyrics

Just draw on the lines Or dream it all the way Through hashed eyes Won’t live a life just killing time. I wanna say, say, say What’s on my mind Why would I play it safe? Just draw on the lines Or dream it all the way Through hashed eyes Won’t live a life just […]

Do you still feel – Rain Man feat. Max lyrics

Do you still feel? (do you still feel) And to me it feeels amazing But, my biggest fears in the years tearing us apart. Lyrics Rain Man – Do you still feel I can’t believe I get to wake up next to you Sometimes it’s too hard for me to do feeels like we’ve been […]

Tamar Braxton – Simple Things Lyrics

All I really want Is the simple things That’s what I’m talking about baby, yeah.. TAMAR BRAXTONSimple Things Lyrics When I woke up this mornin’ I seen that look on your face So I made you some breakfast Eggs and some beacon on your plate Cause I wanna talk to you Before you walk out […]

Weezer – Feels Like Summer Lyrics

WEEZERFeels Like Summer Lyrics Climbing up the tower Just a boy and his computer I’m still in my bathrobe Hiding in the shadows I’m not used to losing Bye, bye, sugar blue eyes You’re home with the angels Thank you for being so kind I’m holding on and I don’t want to let you go […]

Ernest Tubb – If You Call That Gone Goodbye Lyrics

ERNEST TUBBIf You Call That Gone Goodbye Lyrics If you call that gone goodbye ain’t nobody gonna cry If you don’t want me baby every since I don’t want you Plenty more with frills and lace a waitin’ now to take your place So if you leave me it won’t make me feel blue So […]

Blac Chyna Wants To Be Next Nicki Minaj Launch Rap Career

#ItsBarbieBitch? Just to ?w/?? Court docs show that Chyna is currently making way more money than Rob so it will be interesting to see who pays child support. “She (Blac Chyna) is very serious about her music career and labels are taking her seriously,” sources said. Her music is described as poetry music and traditional […]

Watch Lil Yachty & Diplo “Forever Young” Video

The tour will climax in Vancouver, Canada on September 24, but more dates could be added. In the day they ride on a waterslide and by evening they were racing go-karts. The track “Forever Young” is featured on his debut album Teenage Emotions. Diplo did not appear in the video. Sources are saying that Lil […]

Is Lil Yachty Now Dating India Love Months After Soulja Boy Beef

India Love co-star with Lil Yachty in his new music video “Forever Young” featuring Diplo, but sources are saying that they have also been quietly dating for a few months now. That didn’t phase Lil Yachty because 10 months later and after his career took off he bagged The Westbrooks star. Months after his infamous […]

P!nk – Can’t Take Me Home Lyrics

Because you see somebody looking And you think they disagree Well they don’t feed you, so why you care, boo? You thought I had the time, to be your little undercover thing But see, I can’t deal with that, so you better just split with that Come at me real Quit playing these silly games […]

Rae Sremmurd – Perplexing Pegasus Lyrics

Took off all these niggas, call it jetstream [Chorus: Swae Lee & Slim Jxmmi] Jump in the Pegasus All kinda reckless the necklace (yeah) All kinda reckless I flexed it (yeah) K-keep the change, yeah, you heard me correctly If she sleek and foreign, call her Lexus Every week a foreign, I just check her […]

Pro-pain – 24-7 Lyrics

PRO-PAIN24-7 Lyrics Man I feel like shit today I gotta make it all go away Take your bullshit outta my face Before I wreck this whole damn place So leave my home and me alone Boy I hate this f**king scene And I know you know what I f**king mean You crucify me all day […]

Kramus – No Christmas Lyrics

Grown, desire, sleeping is meaningless. Blessed be the one, who takes me, who hates me. All you power, is taking my time away. I can’t let it go. In the fall, I’m wearing the jacket bought by you. I still love her. Picture smiling back, facing the basement. I can’t let it go. Mother’s words, […]

Korpiklaani – Misty Fields Lyrics

I could wake and taste the blood in my mouth. I can feel the fear of the dark when shaking under my little bed trying to squeeze the pillow to my safety Riding to the grain fields days of childhood in my memories flying over the hills unforgettable over and over again. KORPIKLAANIMisty Fields Lyrics […]

Elvis Presley – U.s. Male Lyrics

That’s me! Male That’s M-A-L-E, son. Male gets mad, he’s gonna do you in You know what’s good for yourself son You better find somebody else son Don’t tamper with the property of the U.S. Male Lyrics Now, I’m a U.S. Male is on his toes Quit watchin’ my woman, for that ain’t wise You […]