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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Eatliz – Must Get Laid Lyrics

EATLIZMust Get Laid Lyrics must get laid don’t need your pity cause my mama thinks I’m pretty hello kitty like the city kind of shitty I’m in a very bad mood and I’ve had a very bad day I’m under paid

Texas – The Day Before I Went Away Lyrics

TEXASThe Day Before I Went Away Lyrics I tried to tell you that on Monday The day before I went away I was always there when you were coming down I had to take some time, take some time You know I’m needing you for so much pleasure I’m always wanting you to take me […]

Festinha do bundao – Mc Coxta letra

Letra Mc Coxta – Festinha do bundao Ela ligou para as amigas Disse que hoje tem Falou que hoje tem festinha E me chamou também (festinha do bundao). E eu, nem queria Vários nenéns Vodka, uísque e tequila Vem, que hoje tem. Vem pra festinha Pra festinha do bundão Chama as amigas E vem, […]

Lately – Moneybagg Yo feat. Yo Gotti lyrics

As soon as I walk in, don’t do the talkin’ I’m knowin’ she gon’ be ready I’m livin’ the thug life Scarf tatted around my head like 2Pac Makiavelli My pockets on fat, I’m playin’ with them racks So I’m feelin’ extra heavy I’m surrounded in ice, plus I got the stick on me You […]

The bag way – Young Buck feat. Moneybagg Yo lyrics

Thumbin’ through these hundreds, I get it the bag way Flexin’ in these foreigns, I did it the bag way (now go get a check) She ain’t fuckin’ with you unless it’s the bag way I can blow a bag on a bag dayyy. Young Buck lyrics Video way I ran it up in the […]

Bibia Be Ye Ye – Ed Sheeran lyrics

Ed Sheeran lyrics Video ye ye Someone told me, “Always say what’s on your mind” And I am only being honest with you, I I get lonely and make mistakes from time to time Se enioma enko ye, bibia be ye ye Bibia be ye ye, ye ye, ye ye Bibia be ye yeee. Someone […]

Ellie Goulding – You My Everything Lyrics

[Chorus] Could have given me something You, my everything You left me kneeling I was one of those people You, my everything For what it’s worth For what it’s worth For what it’s worth [Verse 1] You were my backbone when My body ached with weariness You were my hometown when My heart was filled […]

Lil Uzi Vert – Shooters Lyrics

[Verse 1] Yeah Yeah Rollin’ backwoods to the face I just fucked your bitch all in her face aye .40 Smithon Wesson all on my waist aye aye Reach my pistol now you first 48 aye Now you missing without a trace aye You is not on no First 48 Oh, I will leave you […]

Chamillionaire – Man on These Beats Lyrics

[Intro] I mean somebody gonna have to get a nigga on the phone Know what I’m saying? Straight up. We gotta get to the bottom of this (Houston, there’s a problem) I must have missed that news bulletin Ain’t fell off, baby Still here, baby Thousands and thousands of mixtapes strong It’s the Messiah, nigga […]

KELELA – LMK lyrics

Look, I’ll give up right away And you’ll never figure out What you said, but it’s cool, baby I’ma get me another round [Pre-Chorus] Saw your face in my lane Fall in love everyday You can chase it for the night There’s a place for you and I [Chorus] Let me know It ain’t that […]

Black Crowes – What Is And Should Never Be Lyrics

But the wind won’t blow, you really shouldn’t go, it only goes to show That you will be mine, by takin’ our time. It’s to a castle I will take you, where what’s to be, they say will be. Everybody I know seems to know me well but they’re never gonna know that I move […]

Barney – Marching Song Lyrics

BARNEYMarching Song Lyrics Oh when our band begins to play Oh when our band begins to play We love to march to the music When our band begins to play Oh when our band begins to march Oh when our band begins to march We love to march to the music When our band begins […]

Jason Chen – How To Fly Lyrics

(Pre-Chorus) Just get back up when you fall Don’t hold back, free for all. (Chorus) Even when all your feeling is pain Even when things ain’t going your way Is a test that we all have to take You have to fall before you can learn how to fly. (Chorus) Even when all your feeling […]

Revelation Theory – Over It All Lyrics

REVELATION THEORYOver It All Lyrics So long ago, you walk away It’s caught in my head I feel we’re going nowhere So long ago, it’s all I can bear I’m thinking back, remembering how you aren’t there How you aren’t there You’re taking me down With the weight that you carry Over it all You […]

Botanist – Ganoderma Lucidum Lyrics

BOTANISTGanoderma Lucidum Lyrics In churning cauldron imbibe Pulverized acrid salvation To drink immortality While the others wither and die Coumerin anticoagulation Blood runs free From mana mystic Never grow old Polyphoric guardian Bitterness is my salvation Mycelian hyphae thrombocyte Live on Live on May I live for ever And ever more My flesh sustained By […]

Skids – Night And Day Lyrics

SKIDSNight And Day Lyrics The city lights are dying, Two burning suns cruise west, Stomachs taught, With the smack of wine Left behind the streets of sweat, Bled a thousand times Living in the alleys of grime, Kids made of steel Who never give, Muscle and blood To stay alive An encounter on the highway, […]

LL Cool J – Not Leaving You Tonight Lyrics (feat. Fitz And The Tantrums & Eddie Van Halen)

LL COOL JNot Leaving You Tonight Lyrics (feat. Fitz And The Tantrums & Eddie Van Halen) (LL Cool J) Farmers Boulevard I’ll be by your side when the chips are down I know you had some problems but I’m here now You’ll never be alone long as I’m around Good hearts don’t belong in the […]

Ednita Nazario – Corazon Lyrics

Dime como diablos controlar el corazón dime como rayos cuando alguien te lo rompio cual es la perfecta medida como se curan las heridas dime como diablos controlar el corazón. Cuando se unen corazones lo mas bello se disponen su latido te acompaña hasta que la luz se empaña. EDNITA NAZARIOCorazon Lyrics Dime como diablos […]

Agnostic Front – Jailbreak Lyrics

AGNOSTIC FRONTJailbreak Lyrics People out looking for another way to fulfill their dreams never mattered much to me anyway that´s what I believe. I don´t care anymore just like I never did before Find myself staring at the walls like a psychopathic man thinking about nothing at all you´d never understand.

Mission Of Burma – Weatherbox Lyrics

MISSION OF BURMAWeatherbox Lyrics Every man thinks he does what he can Then he…?and he’s holding the weatherbox Every night…? Then he…?and he’s holding the weatherbox Holding the weatherbox Holding the weatherbox Sun is falling down Sky is falling down Seasons falling down Air is falling down Falling… The air is round and the world […]