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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Kodak Black – Built My Legacy (feat. Offset) (Project Baby 2 Album)

[Intro: Offset] Yeah Yeah [Chorus: Offset] Built my legacy Drivin’ Bentleys, not no Lexuses She on ecstasy Fuck her two times then I left the bitch Not with that extra shit I won’t text the bitch, just sex the bitch We young and reckless Pull up with tecs and shit, kill pedestrians I’m on perc […]

Phora – Everybody Knows (Yours Truly Forever Album)

They say love’s worth waitin’ for What’s love if you can’t afford— To spend all your time bein’ hurt? I can’t take no more What it was, it just ain’t no more See, I can never tell what’s real and fake no more I don’t know what to say no more I guess my definition […]

Phora – No Looking Back (Yours Truly Forever Album)

[Verse 1] Yeah On a plane overlookin’ the ocean Lately, I’m just tryna live in the moment Certain people I needed just couldn’t stick around If they ain’t see the vision, I bet they feel it now See, the difference with me is I ain’t afraid of believin’ Friends only come around when they know […]

Phora – Loyalty (Yours Truly Forever Album)

Lo with the hips, yeah She just wanna be appreciated Cinderella need a prince, yeah And she say loyalty is all she need right now Need right now [Hook] So you should be treated like royalty, baby I know all that you wanted was loyalty, baby, oh yeah All of these niggas are stuck in […]

Phora – Rider (Yours Truly Forever Album)

I just need me a ride or die I just need me a girl to talk about getting money instead of getting high Up in a plane, up in the sky and Henny still in my system Baby girl you everything I been missing [Chorus] Baby I just need a rider, a rider I need […]

Phora – Numb (Yours Truly Forever Album)

[Verse] Look, I know I ain’t been myself lately I’ve been feelin’ like someone else lately It’s prolly this empty Colt 45 that’s numbing the pain inside ‘Cause truthfully I ain’t felt lately I’m still a sinner, I’m losing myself, I need a sign I needed space, I needed love, I needed time And I […]

Phora – Forever (Yours Truly Forever Album)

Haha, wow, you crazy So what time can I come over? [Verse 1] Yeah, you said you need some assurance, I wrote this song for you I’ve been stressin’ and I don’t know how to talk to you I’ve been dealin’ with pressure, our picture’s still on the dresser, when it comes down to it, […]

Phora – To The Moon (Yours Truly Forever Album)

I just want to be I think you’re the one Girl, you shouldn’t be so scared to fall in love I just want to be I think you’re the one Girl, you shouldn’t be so scared to fall in love [Verse 1] Yeah, let me love you Show me how Lift me up, I’ll hold […]

Phora – Sinner, Pt. 2 (Yours Truly Forever Album)

Tell me you or you to criticize the way I’m living 40 ounces for the pain I ain’t been the same since I’ve seen my pops cry I might be light skin to you But I’m still a nigga in the cops eyes They ain’t stopping til’ we all die Mama I just hope you […]

Phora – Way 2 Much (Yours Truly Forever Album)

[Hook] Yeah They say you gotta fight for the ones you love Shit, I guess I ain’t worth it But I was tryna work things out with you Yeah, I know I ain’t perfect, look I know he doesn’t love you like he should Baby, you could do better, fuck I might have had way […]

Phora – Facts (Yours Truly Forever Album)

Anything you doin’, man, we not involved Funny how we used to look up to y’all, we looked up to y’all But y’all fake as shit I’ve been in the studio for days and shit 24/7 on my Vegas shit You know the 702 gon’ play this shit, they gon’ play this shit Like, aye […]

Phora – R U Still (Yours Truly Forever Album)

[Outro] We all need someone to talk to Dealin’ with the pressure of the world, all the shit we had to go through She livin’ life in the fast lane, in the fast lane tryna roll through Aye, we all feel low sometimes, we all need someone to talk to Yeah, we all feel low […]

Phora – God (Yours Truly Forever Album)

Is somebody plotting on me? Deep breaths. Explain this They killed my ass twice and I still lived and all it did was make me famous And appreciate life in ways I couldn’t explain Bullet in my head a few inches away from my brain Homie, I’m blessed to be alive and still breathing But […]

Zeljko Juric – Balkanci

Momci lijepi djevojke još ljepše sve do jutra ispid negde trešte na zapadu ima naše raje sve do jutra ludi provod traje Vele Srbi došli sa svih strana hek zapadu mi smo sa Balkana [Refren] x2 Nije važno iz kojeg si kraja igra pjesma naše ljude spaja ne se čuje kad pjevaju stranci ruke gore […]

Fikret Saric – Momacko Vece

Jutro je tri budni smo svi ja i moji drugovi ovakva noć neće više doć zato ne se proslavi [Refren] Znak Zatvoreno stavite na vrata neka klub radi za mog brata konobar daj nam sve što teče jednom je samo momačko veče Djevojke sve sad dodjite našem drugru igrajte svirači svi dajte i vi momačku […]

Daddycold – Daj Mi Casu (feat. Olja Bajrami)

Zivim zivot na ivici nekad dobro nekad lose i kazu da izgledam kao da me lake zene trose I ovu noc sam preziveo sutra bice kako mora nije to od tuge za njom to mi je od alkohola [Refren] Daj mi casu nocas pijem za sve tvoje i sve nase kad me tuga nocu stigne […]

Mitar Miric – Nekad Sam I Ja Voleo

[Ref.] Nekad sam i ja voleo nekad sam srecan bio zbog jedne zene svoju sam mladost kafani ostavio Oko sebe vidjam samo srecne ljude ulicama grada parovi se ljube Samo ja ne mogu svoju tugu skriti samo ja ne mogu vise srecan biti [Ref.] x2 Nekad sam i ja voleo nekad sam srecan bio zbog […]

Jana – Sokolica

[Chorus 2] What a wonderful Name it is What a wonderful Name it is The Name of Jesus Christ my King What a wonderful Name it is Nothing compares to this What a wonderful Name it is The Name of Jesus What a wonderful Name it is The Name of Jesus [Bridge 1] Death could […]

Starclub – Hard To Get

Monday – Monday go away and come again another day I’m sick and tired of Tuesdays, Wednesday’s good for bad Sitting in the office on a wet ‘n’ windy Thursday ADVERTISING Warm ‘n’ dead on Friday, I don’t wanna live, day to go Oh don’tcha know, why can’tcha know, oh don’tcha know Ahh, Everytime the […]

No Malice – Why Cry (Let The Dead Bury The Dead Album)

[Chorus] I heard its said "Blessed are they who mourn Weep for a night…Joy comes in the morn I done lived it to the limit so when I’m gon’ Don’t cry for me, cry when a baby born When a baby born cry when a baby born Weep for a night…Joy comes in the morn […]