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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Kesha – Kiss Kiss, Hug Hug Lyrics

Smile with those faces and [Chorus] Kiss kiss, hug hug Don’t say it, think it, bite your tongue Kiss kiss, hug hug Makes me wanna just throw up Pointless conversation Forget what your name is [Verse 2] Frozen grins, purple martini’s Geisha girls and micro Mini’s Geeks with cameras, stars with momma’s Gotta love that […]

Kesha – Do You Wanna Know Lyrics

[Verse 1] I take my pain, write it across my face I turn it up, I play it over and over Until I’m feeling stripped, straight from my fingertips The hurt, it finally flips this weight on my shoulders [Pre-Chorus] Is anybody out there? Does anyone care? [Chorus] I want you to know, I want […]

Kesha – Invisible Lyrics

For you notice me I must be invisible, I am invisible [Bridge] You make me what I am I can’t believe you didn’t see the sunlight So if I’m invisible, who’s ever gonna pin me with a crime? [Verse 1] Perhaps you didn’t notice me I’m invisible, I can’t be seen Maybe I’m just not […]

Kesha – Hallucination Lyrics

My imagination, or Do I get too high? I’m hoping that I might, ’cause I’m falling fast, got me trippin’ My mind keeps on slipping more into this infatuation [Post-Chorus] Didn’t think I’d ever come around To my hallucination Never thought I’d let my walls come down To my hallucination Didn’t think I’d fall in […]

Kesha – Lovers In the Deep End Lyrics

[Verse 1:] Nothings the way that it was Heart’s spoken, words broken The love that we had, now is lost We’ve shattered what mattered I should have know it, it should have clicked You never showed it, you never did Yeah it’s convinient but what’s the point? Since you don’t really mean it, I don’t […]

Kesha – Letters to the Editor Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kesha] You, you can’t do that to me You-ou-ou, your bloody policy You’ve got the paper but we’ve got the pen Looks like your formula won’t work in the end [Chorus: Lagan Sebert] Add it up, spit it out Tell me what I care about Subtract the difference til’ it’s all the same […]

Kesha – Suicide (Little Sad) Lyrics

[Verse 1] I know I haven’t been my sunny self these days But that don’t mean you have to go and hide the razor blades So, I thank you for your good intentions But I don’t need this intervention, no Would you please just go away? [Chorus] I’m not suicidal, I’m not in denial I’m […]

Kesha – Sunday Morning Lyrics

Please don’t break me, you plead You’ve already broken me by [Chorus] Sunday morning Is what makes this life worth living Yeah, Sunday morning It gives me something to believe in Please don’t let me go [Outro] But nothing’s ever permanent No, nothing’s ever permanent [Verse 1] You’ve been here before Yeah, you’ve seen it […]

Kesha – Starving Lyrics

You’ve got until I see the sun Ah, baby hurry up, ah I’m starving for your love I’m starving for your love St-starving for your love [Verse 3] Clawing at the sheets Turning me into an animal See my eyes turn red You’ve got me feeling like a cannibal Ready to attack, ready to attack […]

Kesha – Red Lipstick Lyrics

You’re freaking me out, I mean Come on, it’s not like I’m really that hot, okay, well You know, maybe I am, ha ha, okay Fine, but still, seriously? Just don’t touch me Don’t touch me, okay? [Verse 1] You can’t take your eyes off me, oh Better get your hands off me, I know […]

Kesha – Tell Me Bitch Lyrics

And you know I’m kinda crazy, so baby I can see you almost got a twitch too Seems I got an itch too Hear it fallin’ off your lips, yeah So maybe it’s a power trip, but I can see I got you mesmerized Just like you’ve just been hypnotized You’re droolin out your fingers, […]

Kesha – This Tattoo Lyrics

Oh, what do I, what do I What do I do, what can I turn it into? [Verse 1] La la la la la, la la la Come get your shit out of my apartment Your dirty laundry too That piece of crap car, I tried to start it Everything you’ve touched, I’ll trash I’ve […]

Kesha – Uncensored Lyrics

It’s so awesome to be me I’m just doing my, m-my thing Uh uh, uh uh [Chorus] Unfiltered, unglued Yeah, I’m so uncensored Oh oh, oh oh, oh, oh (oh, oh) I’m right on target, just left to center Oh oh, oh oh, oh, oh (oh, oh) Unfiltered, unglued Yeah, I’m so uncensored Oh oh, […]

Kesha – Leave It Alone Lyrics

Checking with my girls, looking through my phone I want to take this slow, so just leave it, leave it alone [Hook] Leave it, leave it alone, leave it, leave it alone Leave it, leave it alone, leave it, leave it alone [Post-Hook] Hey, girl, I know, I know That I keep callin’ you on […]

TORII WOLF – Free lyrics

Its hard to tell you what I dont know But I do know one thing better than you do And its hard to tell you what to grow on But I do know one thing better than you do [Chorus] We are free We are free We are free We are free It’s important to […]

Quer brincar brinca direito – Mc Joao letra

Chamou no problema Se achando a tal Agora tu aguenta Novinha eu sou mal Tu me provocou Instigou os maloqueiros Brinco, atiçou Agora não pede arregooo. Vai, vai, vai, vai, Quer Brincar Brinca Direito Tu provocou o João E eu vou te pegar de jeito. Letra Mc Joao – Quer brincar Vai, vai, vai, […]

Too Short – Dead Or Alive Lyrics

The whole family’s got the Too $hort blues I heard it last night on the evening news” And that’s bad, it’s not even true I told my momma like this “Let’s sue” So many times, I heard I died I guess I’m like a cat and I got nine lives Well I’m the P-L-A, Y-E-R […]

Saxon – Sixth Form Girls Lyrics

SAXONSixth Form Girls Lyrics Sixth form can’t get out at night (*) They keep them in, it’s an awful sin Should set them free and let them roam The lights inside their dormitory When they go black you sneak away The plans are set but don’t go yet They run down town to join the […]

Turtles – Bachelor Mother Lyrics

TURTLESBachelor Mother Lyrics She was little too young To have done what she done And a little too old for dancin’ But with stars in her eyes She went out with the guy Just to have a little fun She got more than she bargained for You’ll find baby, one day two Who’s the other […]

Assemblage 23 – Static Lyrics

ASSEMBLAGE 23Static Lyrics It’s a tangled web we weave, an eloquent debris When we drape the truth in such a grotesque tapestry Embellished words and deeds, a fictional disguise Imagined glories fade beneath the weight of lies It’s a game we play and we agreed upon the rules Pretend our make-believe is basically the truth […]