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John Mayer Shoots His Shot At Nicki Minaj Her Response Stuns Him

September 9, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Her recent single with Future “You Da Baddest” debut on the Hot 100 chart at number 38 last month and has since fallen off. Mayer has been known to date a lot of famous women in the industry including Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and is even credited for causing a beef between those two pop stars. In August, Nicki Minaj became the queen of Billboard Hot 100 chart when she scored her 80th entry on the chart making her the female with the most ever entries since the chart starts tracking and ranking music. — John Mayer (@JohnMayer) September 8, 2017

Asking for a friend? Katy Perry and Minaj single “Swish Swish” is currently at 47 and her song with Yo Gotti “Rake It Up” is at number 13 after peaking at 10. I spend an inordinate amount of time per day wondering if Nicki Minaj would like me or not. — John Mayer (@JohnMayer) September 8, 2017

Would my body be your wonderland? “I spend an inordinate amount of time per day wondering if Nicki Minaj would like me or not,” he tweeted, to which she responded saying, “Would my body be your wonderland.” Needless to say that he was speechless and didn’t know how to react but the flirty exchange went silent after he made tabloid headlines. This isn’t my reply yet,” Mayer added. — NICKI MINAJ (@NICKIMINAJ) September 8, 2017 She confirmed that she is working on a new project but hasn’t given us a release date or title yet. Nicki Minaj later added that she needs a friend, “Asking for a friend.” The Young Money rapper has been dominating the rap scene this year with a bunch of new music and guest features, but fans are not getting what they truly wanted, an album. Nicki now has two songs on the chart where she is a guest feature. John Mayer shoots his shot at Nicki Minaj on Twitter last night and her response simply stunned him. This isn't my reply yet. Now he has his eyes set on a freshly single Nicki Minaj and she just opened the door for him leaving everyone to wonder whats going on in her DM right now. “Please hold, losing my sh*t.
— NICKI MINAJ (@NICKIMINAJ) September 8, 2017

Please hold, losing my shit.