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Sean Kingston “I Can’t Write For Chris Brown & Justin Bieber and Be Broke”

September 15, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

The reggae pop star has been under scrutiny in recent weeks over his finances after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest for failing to pay a Miami jeweler thousands of dollars. In a video clip posted recently, Kingston said he is far from being broke. Despite posting photos of his mansion and luxury cars in Jamaica, Sean Kingston has been getting criticism on social media for living lavishly while still not paying his debts. He will also include a Jamaican version of the headphone line which he said will have more bass in the speakers. Sean Kingston also recently launched his own line of headphones called Monster Box. He will be working with the same company that make Beats By Dre and will be giving a twelve percent stake in the new venture. Sean Kingston says that he can’t be writing songs for Chris Brown and Justin Bieber and be broke. this fall that will give fans a deeper look into his life. “Yo can write songs for Chris Brown and Justin Bieber and them man there and broke, a what happen to some man, stop believe everything yo hear,” the singer said. Kingston also revealed that he will be launching a reality show on E!