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Busted – Thunderbirds lyrics

December 14, 2016 by Tagged with:
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Verse 1:
Springbreak’s come around
And there’s no heros to be found
There’s something major going down on Tracy Island (island!)
Weapons underground
Keeping our planet safe and sound
If someone evils coming round, they should be frightened (frightened!)

Cos now the boys are back in town
No strings to hold them down, down

Don’t be mad please
Stop the hating
Just be glad that they’ll be waiting
Friends we have are ever-changing you
Now the lids about to blow
When the Thunderbirds are go

Verse 2
Kids are learning fast
They know that T-birds kick some ass
You know that there’s no coming last when you’re on their side (their side!)
It always looks so cool
When the spaceship’s coming out the pool
You know that you’d just be a fool to be a bad guy (bad guy!)



Thunderbirds are go!


Thunderbirds are go (Thunderbirds are go!)
Thunderbirds are go (yeah, Thunderbirds are go!)
Thunderbirds are go (yeah, Thunderbirds are go!)
Thunderbirds are –
Thunderbirds are –
Thunderbirds are go!

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