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Cassidy on Flex | Freestyle #034 Lyrics

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Yo look
I ball but I ain’t got a locker
I just got a lot of work
A lot of perks got wild loud and a lot of choppas
I got a shotta on my call list
I seen akee eat some akee and the eyeballs out the saltfish
That boy sick
He will grip the jon and fire at your grill till it’s hot enough to make some jerk chicken on
Before the spliff is gone, I’m gon stop at the buzz spot
This J making me feel Jamaican
What the bloodclatt
I’m from a drug block where niggas let them slugs pop
Mean mug cops
Catch a case, get the judge shot
I love gwop, I use to hug blocks
Now I’m the plug Ack
Like the shit that make the water in the tub stop
Flex, we play robbers and robbers with never love cops
You rat, cats will shoot you in your face like a mug shot
Turn you to a ghost when them slugs shot
Oh the doc got to use stitches and bolts to make the blood stop
I’m married with children, I need hella money
That’s why my work is moving Kelly Bundy by the dub rock
Just got in some loud and I’ll make the bud pop
It got red hair like peggy
My eyes blood shot
I got a zip in the glove box
A streak piff that’s prettier than Vivica before she got the face lift
I cook street bricks
Took out of state trips
Hustled, did it on some muscle on some get in shape shit
I look great, push weight
But I ain’t never weight lift
I exercise rocking that heavy, watching that bracelet
My outta date shit is on some out of space shit
To find somebody doper, hope a nigga got a spaceship
Banana shape clip
Food for a 8 clip
You assed out like a Baboon if I go ape shit
My gorillas on some punch you in the face shit
Street fist, right now and they prolly beating down on somebody
When they found your body you was kinda drowsy
Cuz I got a man to knock your ass out even quicker than Ronda Rowsey
When swizz say it’s show time, I’m ready
Cuz I put in time already
2017 mine already, facts

Funkmaster Flex starts talking

Hold on, Funkmaster Flex
I’m cooking like a master chef
If fift or floyd give Cass a check?
I’ll beat a boy half to death
Grab his neck, punch him with the hand fast as heck
Until he bleed and he can’t breathe, tryna gasp for breathe
Off top, get shot or stabbed to death
The only favor that I’m giving out to haters is a fast to death
You gon need to pass the next
Your body is what the paster blessed
Bastard, now you in a casket dressed the way the paster dressed, ha
You a nut tryna float around
So when I see you dick heads it’s going down
Like after sex
I bought the Bentley before I cashed the check
Now I’m tryna decide if Imma buy the Bimmer, bendz or Aston next
Shut down the parking lot, before I drove it off the lot
I told em take off the top
That bitch half undressed
Gambling with your life, a nasty bet so play your cards right
Or you know the deal
I’ll cut you like half the deck
You better have a shuffle game or knuckle game
I’m only like a buck and change
But I don’t play no fucking games
We ain’t cut the same
Your hoe told me we don’t fuck the same
I got my dick sucked, came
Left a couple cover stains

Funkmaster Flex starts talking

I told you I got my dick sucked, came
Left a couple cover stains
Every flow on the radio sound the fuck the same
Yup young such and such
Sound like lil what’s a name
But with us ain’t nothing changed
I’m about to level up
Got back with swizz, that nigga lit my whole bezzle up
Yo when it snow, tryna shovel suck
Cuz all I see is dead rappers every time I pick a shovel up
Dig me? I shine like the sun do
Son I been sonned you, plus I look younger than your son do
The all the war I was taught before by sun tzu
I hold bread and hang around old heads who guns knew

Funkmaster Flex starts talking

I don’t fight for it, you get left there just like a one two

Funkmaster Flex starts talking

Or I could tell e like this flex,
I signed my first deal in 2000 I was 17
Now it’s 2017, that was 17 years ago
You hear the flow
I put together schemes
Your life a movie, my life a movie
It just got better scenes
Sometimes the dirtiest people could seem very clean
The doc cheated on Coretta Scott we could better bean

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