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Nyck Caution – What You Want Lyrics (feat. Gashi)

[GASHI:] Runnin’ out of time, runnin’ out of patience What you really need? Skip the fake conversation Tell me what you want, want, want Tell me what you want, want [Nyck Caution:] What you really want from a man like me? (Yeah) Talkin’ off my ear very impolitely (Shut up) Shit that I peep scrolling […]

Gordon Lightfoot – If You Could Read My Mind Lyrics

If you could read my mind love What a tale my thoughts could tell Just like an old time movie About a ghost from a wishin’ well In a castle dark or a fortress strong With chains upon my feet You know that ghost is me And I will never be set free As long […]

Jive Five – My True Story Lyrics

Cry, cry, cry whoa-uh-oh-oh-oh-oh Cry, cry, cry whoa-uh-oh-oh-oh-oh There is a story yeah That I must tell Of two lovers That I bewail Now they must cry, cry Cry whoa-uh-oh-oh-oh-oh Their blues away (Cry cry cry their blues away) Her name was Sue yeah His name was Earl His love was Lorraine She’s a wonderful […]

Lloyd Banks – Element Of Surprise Lyrics

Uh, start the pay homage discussion, y’all niggas cloned me, cousin You climbing up in the ranks, but I’m big homie punchin’ Retired three of my jerseys, Ginóbili, Tony, Duncan Got a low tolerance lately, these nosy hoes is something Picture me stuck in my era, a frozey pose assumption My twenty-four’s a mamba bite, […]

Sammy Arriaga – Take My Phone. Lyrics

[Verse 1] We broke up on bad terms Said goodbye with bad words Trying to act like it don't hurt But who am I fooling? And with the boys in the city Swimming in women and whiskey When the lonely bug bit me Shit, what am I doing? [Pre-Chorus] You know what they say "Don't […]

Lil Berete – War Ready Lyrics

You know what I’m sayin’? This some different shit, nigga Hope you niggas like this shit Actually I don’t give a f*ck if you guys don’t like it ‘Cause I’m still the hottest in the Dot Brrt Yeah, I made a change and I got me a chain I got water on my neck, I […]

Shinsei Kamattechan – Boku No Sensou – Tv Size Lyrics

[​神聖かまってちゃん「僕の戦争」歌詞] [序奏] La-La-La-La Ba-ba-ri-as-ras-ti-ti-ti-ras-ti-ti Ba-ba-ri-as-ras-ti-ti-ta Ba-ba-ri-as-ras-ti-ti-ti-ras-ti-ti Rastis! Rastis! Ra-ti-ti-la [ヴァース 1] Let’s start a new life from the darkness Until the light reveals the end Sinister faces, growing curses This is my last war [コーラス] La-La-La-La Ba-ba-ri-as-ras-ti-ti-ti-ras-ti-ti (Angels playing disguised) Ba-ba-ri-as-ras-ti-ti-ta (With devil’s faces) Ba-ba-ri-as-ras-ti-ti-ti-ras-ti-ti (Children cling to their coins) Rastis! Rastis! Ra-ti-ti (Squeezing out […]

Nyck Caution – Things Could Be Worse Lyrics (feat. Cj Fly & Jake Luttrell)

Okay, I’m so beyond it Mill basin to Coney Island I’m south Brooklyn’s finest I did a lot But I still gotta top it I guess you cursed with that When you got a habit to polish So I be in the lab workin like dexter and deedee Cause you only as good as the […]

Maroon 5 – My Heart’s A Stereo Lyrics

My heart’s a stereo It beats for you so listen close Hear my thoughts in every note Oh, oh Make me your radio And turn me up when you feel low This melody was meant for you Just sing along to my stereo Rap: Gym Class Hereos -Gym Class Hereos Baby!- If I was just […]

Millane Fernandez – I Miss You (dam Dubi Dam) Lyrics

Intro: Dam Dubi Dam Dam Dubi Dam Chorus: Dam Dubi Dam Dubi Dam I miss you like the flowers Are missing the sun Oh nane nane Dam Dubi Dam Dubi Dam Oh love is here and now you’re gone (now you’re gone) Dam Dubi Dam Dubi Dam I miss you like the first time I […]

Matt Cardle – Purple Crayon Lyrics

Looking through a broke phone Stumble every step home Falling but I’m full grown Every high gets so low Functioning and full blown Harder than they said so By now you’d think that I know How to let the past go Learn to let the scars show So write this on my headstone In purple […]

August Burns Red – Standing In The Storm Lyrics

The end is the beginning Found each other, lost one another The beginning is the end Found each other, lost one another I just started the race And I’m already disqualified Lost each other, now we’ll struggle to Fight, fight to reunite You know it’s right, but instead you Fight, fight with all your might […]

Yarichin Bitch Club – Touch You Lyrics

アン、アン、アン、アン、安易な言葉は要らない でもなんでだろう ぜん、ぜん、ぜん、ぜん、全部モノにしたい I wanna touch your BODY, BODY, BODY, BODY, BODY BODY, BODY, BODY BODY, BODY, BODY BODY, BODY, BODY, BODY, BODY BODY, BODY, BODY BODY, BODY, BODY 3,2,1 Let`s session Check Check Check testing you.. No no no no no oh.. 百発百中 ホールインワン 喋りたい 喋れないって ヤっちやってよ 発射オーライ ふれてみたい 抱き合いたい裸同士で ちょっと舌入れちゃって もいいかな ああ、明日はどうなる 輪姦は嫌だ アン、アン、アン、アン、安易な気持ちじゃないんだ やりたいことばっかり そ、そ、そ、そ、そして受け入れてもいい もうなんだっていい 理性なんて バラバラになちゃえよ BODY, BODY BODY, […]

Peewee Longway – Pink Salmon Lyrics (feat. Cassius Jay)

Ooh, all I need is top, need, need, need that top (Ayy) Ooh, all I want is top, need, need, need, no top (Let’s go) Ooh, all I need is top, need, need, need that top (That boy Cass, ayy) Ooh, all I want is top, need, need, need, no top (Let’s go) Pink salmon […]

Brs Kash – Kash App Lyrics (feat. Mulatto)

(Mama, Zachary makin’ beats again) Okay (Okay) Ooh Ok she wobble it wobble it make a nigga want it Ok she pop it she pop it she make a nigga horny And she’s a, lil’ stripper with some big dick grippers If you throw that ass on me imma f*ck around a tip you What’s […]

Slim 400 – Fake Shit Lyrics (feat. Lil Blood & J Stalin)

[Intro: J. Stalin] (Ayy, ayy, you gotta keep that in the beginning) (Ayy, ayy) Gotta let fake niggas do fake shit (Fake shit) So we can separate shit Gotta let the fake niggas do they fake shit (Fake shit) So we can separate shit [Chorus: J. Stalin] Gotta let fake niggas do fake shit (Shit) So we can separate […]

Il Tre 3 – Pioggia Lyrics

[Testo di “Pioggia”] [Strofa 1] A volte non so comportarmi Non vorrei mentire, tu piangi Non posso nascondere i miei tagli Non posso cancellare i miei sbagli Non posso tornare indietro, no No, no, non ho la forza d’andare avanti Sì, ho confuso il mare con il cielo e No, no, cerchi nei lobi come i pirati Quando avevo […]

Marlon Craft – State Of The Union Lyrics

The state of the union is that there isn’t one If a house divided can’t stand, we been sitting but sitting officials lettin’ you starve and die They’d say for a party, I say it’s dogma to America’s artful lie Sniffin’ the party line, intoxicated from white That fake superiority created by authority to convince […]

Robin Thicke – Take Me Higher Lyrics

Yeahh Ah baby Let’s get saved Well well well I need I need to be saved I’m coming baby I hear your tone I’m running red lights I’m rushing home I got it baby You feel alone Your body’s cold and naked You need me to hold So in love Girl you’re like the morning […]

Justin Courtney Pierre – Dying To Know Lyrics

One day a word with my mother Questions and answers and Suddenly I find This mystery is mine I’m struggling to breathe From disarranging me Drown out the fathers of fiction with electric guitars I’m just dying to know who you are Searching for signs of another One day a mugshot and Everything implodes I’m […]

Adult Mom – Sober Lyrics

You’ve been sober now For a few days and I bet that it helps You not to send me a text That says you love me still The only thing that I’ve done This month is drink beer Masturbate, and ignore Phone calls from you What else am I supposed to do? Because the last […]

Dusty Locane – Rollin N Controllin Freestyle Lyrics

Grrt, pow-pow-pow-pow Yeah, y’all know the vibes It’s that six times ten shit Neighbors don’t need no favors Them ends don’t need no friends Get me? Look (CP did it baby) Huh, look, look Listen I walk in the spot, thirty on me and some chops All my niggas really rock, roll, control Shout my […]

Macklemore – Trump’s Over Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro] (Hah, hah, that's enough, that's enough, that's enough!) Fifty grand I get this all in one take, ey (Turn it up!) [Part 1] Now, all you high fiving, MAGA white boys, drinking white claws Care about your taxes more than human rights sign off You no mask wearing, big truck driving Blue lives matter, […]

Billie Eilish & Rosalia – Lo Vas A Olvidar Lyrics

[Letra de "Lo Vas A Olvidar"] [Verso 1: ROSALÍA & Billie Eilish, Ambos] Dime si me echas de meno' aún Dime si no me perdonas aún ¿Qué harás con to' este veneno? Na' bueno Dime si me echas de meno' aún [Coro: ROSALÍA & Billie Eilish] ¿Lo va' a olvidar? Can you let it go? […]

Fredo Bang – Low Ridin Lyrics

RIP Ivy Smith You gone but never forgotten Imma hold it down Put this shit on my back Ya heard me Low ridin’ on a hunt with a big pocket rocket We int with none of that talkin’ we go in your pockets We ain’t with none of that boxin’ I’m bustin’ your noggin RIP […]

Metro Marrs – Nonchalant Lyrics

[Intro] (Ayy, Woods, light that shit up) (LeVieux) I'm So Nonchalant [Chorus] I'm so nonchalant I'm so nonchalant I keep two of 'em like my two red cups Oh, on the beat, I OD [?] Now I gotta keep one on sight, I'm a trophy You know it's nothing, nonchalant I drip down in Saint […]

Chip – Lumidee Lyrics (feat. Young Adz & Young M.a)

[Intro: Young Adz & Chip] Oh, oh, oh-oh Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh Bikini on my bed, f*ck you in the sand (Fanatix) p*ssy spectacular (Yeah) [Verse 1: Chip] You might end up in the club when you should be at home (Roamin’) When you sure to settle, but don’t wanna be alone (Tourin’) I’ve seen bitches come […]

Lilhuddy – 21st Century Vampire Lyrics

[Verse 1] Dark circles under my eyes No sunlight up in my sky Can't feel the pain I'm immune [Chorus] I don't get tired I'm a 21st century vampire 21st century vampire I guess I'm just meant to be sleepin' all day I don't got no f*cking life I'm just a 21st century vampire Yeah, […]

Trztn – Hieroglyphs Lyrics (feat. Karen O)

Hieroglyphs in the dust of the first eclipse Paradise in the black Abyss Hieroglyphs Hieroglyphs in the dust of the first eclipse Reach around for the perfect script Hier Hier Hieroglyphs (I don’t want to hear about it) Hier Hier Hier Hier Hieroglyphs Hier I am high Hier

Kaleb Austin – Sound Of The South Lyrics

[Verse 1] Got a tattoo on the back of my mind You burned it there last Saturday night Had a bed in the bed of my truck moonshine to kill Made love like rain on red hot steel [Chorus] And we're gettin' down all night long With all of them crickets singin' little love songs […]