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Chad Dohring – Psalm 13 lyrics

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Psalm 13
Chad Dohring
Troubles come and troubles go
Lord I know I made this bed but now
I struggle in my heart to let her go
Come pick me up come take me home
For I fear I passed out in some passing phase
I thought that you should know

How long, how long are you going to let just me cry myself to sleep
How long, how long are you going to let me sit in silence with all my screams
Oh Lord I know you hear me crying, I know you hear me calling out to you
And if I just heard a whisper well I’d swim up past these waves and walk to you

[Verse 2]
A burning bush would sure be kind
Or some direction for this rudderless ship of mine
Lord I know I cried this ocean but I’m drowning now inside
Come take this pain from my side


It seems like you love speaking to me
By turning off the lights
That way there’s no questioning who really did the carrying
For faith sees better than eyes

So I’m going to sing in the dark for you
I’m going to sing with all my heart for you
Lord you are good to me, you are good to me, Lord your so good

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