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Cinco de mayo – Offset feat. Young Nudy lyrics

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Lyrics Offset – Cinco de mayo

Migo like Cinco de Mayo, I got the trap in my bio
Yeah, mini fourteen with the drum, I put your a*s on a flyer
Uh, niggas out here really bums
Want take your b*tch, I might buy her
Uh, sippin’ on lean like it’s rum, but it do not get me tired
Uh, if you gon’ pull out that gun, you better c*ck it and fire
Uh, b*tch I came up from a crumb, did this for grandma, she flyin’
Uh, you can come still get a one, f*ck it my niggas gon’ jump
Uh, saw off the front of the pump, put the gun up to your gum.(cinco de mayo)
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