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Dave East – No Hook (feat. G Herbo & Don Q)

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[Verse 1: Don Q]
I ain’t with the favors
I got guala to make
I’m ’bout a dollar nigga
Nothing on my collar is fake
I set the city on fire, before dropping the tape
Everything count, I even played the block with the shake

[Verse 2: Dave East]
Bottles of Ace
I’m thinking imagine if I was born rich
I’d had on baby Louis Vuitton kicks
My daughter got ’em
Got dollars to make your mom strip
The FED’s on me now every monday the car switch

[Verse 3: G Herbo]
Thousand dollar stash
Hit the AC, but car shift
That’s just for the gas, yeah the 40 on my arm still
I had 40 cash like the year before my prom year
Stuffing clips downwards in my jeans
Cause my mom’s near

[Verse 4: Don Q]
Oh yeah, the lion out the cage in rare form
Trap till the tan gone
Celly cell, we was hands on
Remember buying wet work, bagging up with the fan on
We was just tryna make move enough to make a sandstorm
I plan on buying my mother coupes in a month or two
Coming through in a Hummer new wintertime but it’s summer blue
Woo, the teachers said I wouldn’t be shit
You know the crazy part about it I believed it

[Verse 5: G Herbo]
I was in the trenches, kicks red but I wasn’t bleeding
Playing life or death with my niggas I ain’t leave ’em
Couple show they heart wasn’t right but I ain’t need them
Can’t say I ain’t loyal, can’t say I ain’t feed ’em
Wolf against the sheep, gon’ either kill ’em or gon’ breed ’em
One thing ’bout them shots, you give ’em out and you receive ’em
Don’t leave out the house, if you without know you need it
Think you only going around the block gon’ be the reason

[Verse 6: Dave East]
I was popping blue devils, Coach K ain’t recruit me
I skipped right to Balmain ain’t copped too many nudies
Ten cars outside, and they all foreign
Took a Gem Star, went to school like y’all don’t wanted
I was Bishop in the hall when he pressed Q
Balenciagas sweatsuits, too many losses they won’t respect you
Money get low, watch how quick them bitches neglect you
He paid 38 for a brick, it felt special
But a nigga like me, I don’t know no other
Pillow cases with the horses match the Polo covers
The Aston Martin was the same color as cocoa butter
Pack on me by myself, I was a dolo pumper

[Verse 7: G Herbo, Dave East & Don Q ]
16, we stopped the competing and sold it in bundles
Money coming out of question who a 100 and humble
We dumping and rumble not the one to compare with these niggas
Fendi monster, my jacket looking like it’s staring at niggas
And my shoes Fendi, Mike Amiri denim, my jewels drippy
Cuban link with a few diamonds changes of cool 60
Brought my tour for 2 60, gotta front me 2 60
Just for us to start the promo
Before we even choose city
Off white jacket back block, I got your boo with me
Def Jam gave me a million already blew a 50
Too; grippy, my mood switchy don’t move silly
I cruise Bentley, foreign only, I got too picky
It’s survival of the fittest
Rental house ain’t tryin’ pitch it
I got powder for the sniffers
Just a rider on a mission

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