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De La Soul – All Good (feat. Chaka Khan)

September 25, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Ooh no-ohh, no-ohh
Ooh no-ohh, no-ohh
Ooh no-ohh, no-ohh
Ooh no-ohh, no-ohh
Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan
It ain’t all good and that’s the truth
Thangs ain’t goin’ like you think they should it’s all on you
I don’t care about what you think you see
The thangs you want to know when you look at me
God knows I done been through and paid my dues
Can’t change how you feel, ’cause it’s all on you-whoahhha-ohh-yeah
I wish that, you could be a little bit more upfront
Weigh the situation how you want right
The lovin’ that you claim is just a four letter word
The third letter’s invitin’ so visualize the verb
You curve thoughtways when you’re handlin’ the candleabra
So you sittin’ on the baby grand
Transmittin’ like you’re made of man
But you paint a funny face like a chick
When I see you I’ma tell you quick that
I can’t believe we built this large pizza pie together no pepperoni
Yeah, you wanted extra cheese, sometimes I gave you extras
How we divided slices like the Red Sea theory
I was Moses hopelessly scorned by your thorn zapora
Tried to bring that fairy-tale life, you wanted horror
But my microscope couldn’t see or cope with that
I had to bolt from that, and left you dead in the sea
It’s better for me, I’m satisfied with reppin’ for D
We were certified hot, then dropped to lukewarm
Now we back up in the spot, claimin’ never been gone
Niggaz who cut us off, wanna reattach us now
(Them girls who brushed us off, say they want some [unverified] to dial)
Yeah, I give that ass a number and some lumber to pile
Now catch a curve from my kick
(Or show me lovin’ by brick)
So stick to the same plan, don’t come shakin’ my hand
Like we peeps, it ain’t beef but be sure to understand
Between us, it ain’t all
Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan
You see them kids be schemin’ on what we done copped
Always out there schemin’
They steady fiendin’ for the moment they can get us off the block
Why they always fiendin’?
Your people might have your back
But you need to watch your front
Indeed, ain’t nothin’ guaranteed
That’s the truth, things ain’t goin’ like you think they should
A lot say they wanna walk in my size 10’s
Aight then, here’s a pair
Lace ’em up tight then you might feel what was dealt to me
You see ain’t no young boys up in here, keep a clear head
Tryin’ to keep my pockets on stuffed like deer heads
Upon the wall, so all the gall we get from y’all don’t faze
So mind your biz and walk away
‘Cause I’m never gonna let you up inside my maze
I don’t care about what you think you see
The thangs you want to know when you look at me
God knows I done been there and paid my dues
I can’t change how you feel, ’cause it’s all, on you-whoahha-ohh
Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan

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