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De La Soul – What Yo Life Can Truly Be Lyrics

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[Intro: Vinia Mojica]
Saturday’s for you to see
What yo life can truly be
Saturday’s for you to see
What yo life can truly be
Saturday’s for you to see
What yo life can truly be
Saturday’s for you to see
What yo life can truly be

[Verse 1: Dave (of De La Soul)]
Son, sun is on thick, think
One thought coming up quick, quick
Wishing that the days would come up six
Friday’s the Red Alert radio mix
Then comes the day that nobody plays that
Punishment wishing the crib
Time to go chase the dibs
On a Saturday fiasco
Bright, bright, bright is the ears
All fun, game and no biz
Rock the boat, don’t rock the boat, baby
Jingle it, jingle it, jingle and swing
Here comes the [?], have fun that we bring
Don’t debate, no, don’t debate
Don’t make no wait, just grab your roller skates

Have fun, have fun
Have, have, have fun

[Verse 2: Dres (of Black Sheep)
Yo, yo, I’m up, out, moving all about
It’s Saturday again? Eheh, no doubt
Where’s my [?]? Yo where’s my skates?
Ayo where’s my hub, I mean where’s my date?
Cause if it is today
I see sunshine, I want to play
Fill up my shoes, pit stops at NOCO
Yo mister with the ¢50 Coco
Ice, ice, me baby
Cause the black sheep Dres be up on the scene
Let the top down, turn up the sound
Got my hands in the air cause my drawers are clean

Have fun, have fun
Have, have, have fun

[Verse 3: Posdnuos (of De La Soul)
Yo, now I got the rice cakes, I got the rice
Ridicule the roller if the skates don’t suffice
Sustaining the honeys like the [?] smoking
I was never good for fixing, so yo, I go for broke
Push up the pusher, but hold up on the pull
Cause Saturday’s here and summer’s holding like wool
So let it be known, I had to get flown
Unless Mase plays the Vaughan Mason I’m racing
Up the side, a little to the left
Got on the jacket so I’m cooking like a chef
But I’d rather be safe like my man safe sex
Cause a man without a plan is [?] on a check
But back on track, get the skates off the rack
Cause the best roller king is the new ladies mack
The ’91 Sheep will supply the two
The Plug One will be fine, playing Saturdays full

Have fun, have fun
Have, have, have fun

[Verse 4: Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest)]
Wait a minute [?], you know you got the look
But don’t play me out cause it’s a Saturday and shit
Running ’round town while at home I sit
Staring at my [?]
Listen to the box for a new groove
If I don’t hear it then I get my spirit lifted
I sit and write a rhyme cause I am that gifted
Got a five gear shifted in reverse
And I’m mista Quest [?] with the De La verse
The Saturday is, uhm, rolling around
And oh it gets me waken out on the sound
Disrespected on days of the week
When the Saturday comes, that’s when I hits peak

Have fun, have fun
Have, have, have fun

[Verse 5: ???]
Saturday’s the day that bring me joy
Jumping in a hoop, pick up my boys
Shorty D, B Love, light with a big bite
Sparking up skunk, well alright
So no go put my tank all full
Before I out[?] the [?]
Pitbulls, that’s what the logo be
With the [?] for the K9 [?]
A Saturday’s a day that can’t be wasted
Ass so fresh I can even taste it
Back in the hoop, give a toot-toot
Throw it in one, now here’s the fun
Southern state with a freestyle tape
Headed to the rink, none of us can skate
See some cheese most-wanted on [?] scheme
I train in mind with my team

Have fun, have fun
Have, have, have fun

[Verse 6: ???]
What the hula hoop’s spinning for the chosen
Yeah the Saturday’s sure to be nice and lovely
Bzz, the honeybee sting brings cupid
Skins in here, make ’em run around buckstupid
Uhoh, yeah, chosen in there
So shake ya derriere
Now, the brother that you’re peeping is thorough
And I cruise the streets in a red Montero
Pick up my [?] and then we chop-chop make it
To the [?] and get the blunts, cool
Lacey’s come as next suggestion
With no question, [?] guessing
Everybody bouce, skate, rolling and light it
And right about now, the honeybee be kited
Me and honeydip see eye to eye
And if I see [?] she’ll walk on by
But that’s not the style of the black child
Broke from the [?], I get [?] go on the show
We’ll interfere, stick and steal be the deal
Come get with the sicker Saturday flow, yo

Have fun, have fun
Have, have, have fun

[Verse 7: ???]
Friday be the fly day but Saturday be my day
I’m rolling with the Soul on skates, I can’t wait
Time to let the good times roll, let’s lose control
When Sunday come, we’ve got put it on hold
Feel the vibe, feel the bass, feel the treble in the place
Got your [?] drink up, so let’s skate
For goodness’ sake, don’t take a break, it is a Saturday
You never know what [?] if you have another [?]
Ride the rhythm and get with ’em for this fun day
It’s not a whole week here to speak, it’s just one day
So leave all your troubles behind
And come climb to the Saturday’s rhyme

[Verse 8: Phife Dawg (of A Tribe Called Quest)]
I worked all week, now it’s time to relax
Searching for a honeycat I can mack
Wanna go to great adventures, all these places
But oh shit! Why not go to [?]?
Do a little rollerskate and bust my ass [?]
Crazy skins in the mix, I bring the gym hats
Lounging with the fellas, system booming in the car
Scoping out the honey with the D cup bra
Shout out to Aletta, know I wanna do her
Gassing like Eddy, now I know she’s ready
Like Father MC, great is how I’ll treat her
But I’ll diss though if her name is Bonita

[Outro: Vinia Mojica]
Saturday’s for you to see
What yo life can truly be
Saturday’s for you to see
What yo life can truly be
Saturday’s for you to see
What yo life can truly be