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Devlin – 50 Grand (feat. Skepta) (The Devil In Album)

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50 grand for my chain
Quarter mil’ for my whip
10 mil’ for my house

[Verse 1: Devlin]
I think that I’m gonna be sick
It seems like every MC is about
Loves tellin’ the poor they’re rich
Then they wonder why they’re gettin’ rolled on
When they wanna try and walk round in the bits
This is real life, no thrills hype
On a reals, it feels like
I’ve been impaled on a steel spike
But still fight, for my girls and real guys in the real grind that write real rhymes
It’s the boy next door that kicked down doors and I’m back on an ill vibe
Twenty pounds on my weed
Five pounds for my pint
No swagger at all, just me
And I bet I can draw your wife
Comply with anythin’ please
I’m gutter, I’ll do what I like
I had a pipe dream in the grime scene
Now I’m flyin’ at withering heights

50 grand for my chain
Quarter mil’ for my whip
10 mil’ for my house

[Verse 2: Devlin]
Ten pounds for my cab
Some cheap wine for this skank
I’m streetwise, you ain’t, fact
I’ll fleece guys, you’re gettin’ wrapped
Outside of the East Side is where I’m at
Where fiends lie and make traps
For these sweet guys that flash
But when it’s beats time, it ain’t that
These times, I’m in the lab with Terms
These guys are on a madness learn
No peace signs, I’m gonna stab this verse
Just to kill it, I’m able and willin’
Rep for the boys, and the kids and the women
Tryna get by in the times that we live in
Tryna make a life and a livin’

[50 grand for my chain (That’s not me)
Quarter mil’ for my whip (Skepta)
10 mil’ for my house
(Trust me)
(Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 3: Skepta]
I never had it, made it, saved it
Spent it, lost it, gave it
To people who needed it more than me
Guys in the ends getting shanked for the P
More time, I’m tryna show man the vision
But it’s like man are still too poor to see
So I let man do their ting
I ain’t judgin’ anybody, I don’t want a law degree
You see the rap lifestyle, and you wanna live it
Celebrities and their worthless riches
I ain’t sayin’ I don’t want to make money
But right now, I’m tryna do the right tings with it
If I eat food, eat food in my crew
See me and Dev in a cinema near you
And when I pull up to the premiere
Don’t ask why I ain’t wearin’ a suit, you’re tired

50 grand for my chain
Quarter mil’ for my whip
10 mil’ for my house

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