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Domo Genesis – Vintage Doms (Red Corolla Album)

June 22, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

I’m feeling like the still on the draft, I’m furious fast
Living a dash, I’m all gas, fill the ceiling with cash
We ain’t smoking unless you fill it with hash
I’m a hit it, sit back and laugh at y’all gimicky trash
You ain’t meant to be bad boy short energy last
Both feet on the pad, 112 and I’m finna speed past
But it’s looking like it’s slow motion
[?] bitch I’m so focused
And so hopeless if you ain’t rolling with the great chosen
Flowing in sync like Justin Timberlake oh shit
Oh shit a nigga so sick
Ice the jumper right on time, they gon’ have to call me Gold Wrist
Approach cleaner than soap dish
With a swag meaner than a broke bitch
Tryna get rich on green
Speaking game on some coke shit
Flag it if you try to intervene
Then it’s encroachment

Silly nigga, you ain’t got it you late
If you ain’t banging then stay out of the paint
I’m running through you, you know you not in the way
If you ain’t banging then stay out of the paint

Hey hurry up and bring your bitch ass outside
Alright my nigga
I’m bout to pull up right now
Alright, fasho

[Verse 2]
I just did the most of what I got allowed
[?] I ride around my side of town
Since Bishop fell up off the roof the juice I got it now
Can’t sideline it how I’m balling, niggas gotta foul
They gotta hack it boy, you never catch me out of bounds
I’m tapped into this wavelength, laying shit down like wave grease
Too savage for you niggas that cage me
Save the fake energy, I’m smoking on that sage tree for safety
Count the digits, I’m sliding home silent
No compromising the side that I’m riding on silent
Hard body, my heart and my mind strong
Fuck alliance, get rich or die alone
In my veins ice cold
All net or I’m calling the bank
I still drill it with you all in the way
Sparking fear in the heart of the faint
If you ain’t banging then get out of the paint

[Interlude 2]

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