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Eagleman Band – Listen To God lyrics

June 29, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

The voice of the crowd you may like to hear
But it’s not the one that will bring you near
To your Maker and Friend who has control
So listen to God let Jesus save your soul.

How much would you take in exchange for your soul?
Would it be silver or a lot of gold?
All treasures on earth will vanish away.
So listen to God it’s His great judgment day.

How can I hear God you may want to ask?
Will He speak to me like to prophets past?
His word speaks for Him not in part but whole.
Just listen to God let Jesus save your soul.

Listening to the crowd will lead you astray
Cause you to stumble and lose your way.
So think for yourself eternity waits
So listen to God let Jesus open gates.

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