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EDEN – ​re//start lyrics

May 27, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

And if these days were living encores, encore
Then and tell me, do you scream?
Even when every thing’s a nightmare
It’s something we’ve all seen
‘Cause we let everyone we love fall down
Like a lead sky brings the night
And that’s all we are
‘Cause we get off on hiding everything we are
So tell me you love me
I will too
So tell me you loath me
I do too

And I been thinking that
The more I grow
The more that I’ll lose touch with what I love, and time it flows
So much faster than anything I’ve ever know
I’ve always been a dreamer
So what happens when I wake up?
I’m not afraid of growing older
I’m just afraid of letting go

Um, I usually write a poem for each body of work I do
Or just randomly too, I guess
But yeah, here it is:
You are not broken
There is no fix
There is a change
You are not your job, your significant other, the numbers in your bank account, the thoughts or the memories in your head
What ever anyone says: whatever
You are the words you speak, the way you move
This can change at any time as you decide
Choose wisely
Does your love mean anything if i can’t feel it?
If i threw myself off a building am i a martyr or a tragedy?
However you may feel momentarily, only two factors persevere:
Your relationship to the people around you, and your view of yourself
You could buy that x if you wanted to
But think about it, if you came home like you did would it change a thing?
You are inconstant, dynamic
You’re a star darling, act like one
Take care of the ones that you love
Stop being so serious
Now is not forever
But you knew all this, deep down
Maybe we are forever ending where we started
But it is only the end if you want it to be
Everything is only ever what you would like it to be;
Never as great or as grave as it seems
No matter how close or how impossibly far you think you got to that greener grass
We just have to try again
We just have to try again

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