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Elite – Something Beautiful

January 10, 2017 by Tagged with:
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I’m learnin how to feel good, I’m learnin how to get right
I’m burnin some of that good, I’m earnin all of my stripes
My bro Chef got that G-Pen, and Demon got that weed damn
High as fuck but hey I been up for days, when the fuck does this week end?
Sheesh!!!! Shout to Middi, shout to Turk.. I’m down to work
I just found the urge and now words is sounding like service found in all styles of churches
I’m.. heaven sent, never been better, spreader of that inspiration
I been so patient I’m taking shit with no invitation
This year… yea… I’m living life with no fear
Who said that life is no fair?
Blame that man thats right in your mirror
Spirit Science, look it up, if you’re ready
Down the rabbit hole getting kinda heavy
How far do you wanna go? What you wanna know?
Beautiful like an indigo child wit the flows I’m chosen


There’s, one thing that I can control
The, one person that I answer to
The, one hand I gotta hand it to
It’s all me now
I could write my life no more freestyle
Lil guppy I’m swimming
Tryna survive and fertilize these women
What a surprise I visualized these visions
Way before they came true
Tell me what I can’t do?
Had to shed weight to fly
Space high poet I narrate the sky
On the astral plane as I wave goodbye
To ya’ll looking up thinking it’s the hand of god
Well I’m free boy
No girl no more no decoy
Fuck of a mirage
Now my life looking like a wonderful collage
What good is a Ferrari stuck in a garage?

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